Chapter 18

OK maybe Britney can do something to make my life a living hell again. Lily and I were coming back from school on Friday when we past our mums restaurant. There was a lot shouting coming from it. Lily and I jumped of our hover boards and rushed in to see the chaos. There were two really big macho men either side of one tiny man.

“Unless you can give me one hundred thousands pounds by the end of next week. I will be forced to close this restaurant down for good.”

When the man turned around I knew straight away it was Britney’s dad. We backed away from the door before the two bodyguards hit us.

“What happened” Lily asked her mum.

“ The want to close us down if we don’t pay them the ridiculous amount of money which we know we cant do with out doubling our prices but there is a side effect to it that would me less customers and we will end up bankrupt.” Julie Sobbed.

I was clutching my fist water from everywhere was vibrating madly. Lily stood on my foot so I would stop.

“I know who did this and we need to talk” I jumped on K and hovered of to Britney’s mansion.

When I got to the door. I hammered it down like a bear. Britney opened the door.

“ I knew you would come,” She evilly said.

“You don’t have the right to do this. How dare you be so cruel!” I shouted.

“It was the only thing I could do so I get what I want.” She said.

“What is it what you want and if I do it will you tell your father cancel the payment.” I begged. I had given into her torture.

“All you have to do is never talk to my Boyfriend outside or inside school and I will tell my dad to cancel the payment but if you talk to him I will make sure my father doubles the payment.” She laughed.

I had no choice but to say yes it was the only thing I could do to saves my Mums restaurant. I said yes and shocked on it. One of the worse deals I have ever done in my life so far. I hovered slowly back home.

“Cheer up Chum.” K was trying to cheer me up but it was really wasn’t working. When I got back home I opened the door and went into the living room. Mum, Lily and Julie were there so excited.

“ We got a call from the Mayer and he said it was an accident and he is very sorry for the inconvenience.” Julie excitedly said. I plastered a smile on my face but Lily knew something was wrong when I went upstairs.

“Something’s wrong. You went to Britney’s House didn’t you?” Lily sat on my bed.

I grabbed my teddy bear Snuffles.

“ I had to do what I had to do to save the restaurant.” I said gritting my teeth.

“What did you do?” Lily asked.

“Well Doc Lily” I took a deep breath “ I can’t talk to Chad anymore or Britney will make sure that her dad shuts down the restaurant for good”

“WHAT!” Lily shouted, “She can’t do that she has no right to do that!”

“I had no choice. There are plenty of other boys like Chad but this restaurant makes your mum and my mum and a lot of other people happy. I was outnumbered by the people who would be happy.” I sighed

“You did this to make people happy by sacrificing someone who cares about you. You are the noblest person I have ever meet” Lily hugged me.

Hugs right now was the only thing which was blocking me from the sadness deep inside me which was eating me inside which was building up and this was not healthy at all.

The End

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