Chapter 17

At school on Monday, I felt really proud with myself after saving Chad’s life. In assembly I had to go up to collect a medal from the police and the lifesaving society. Thank God it wasn’t Steve or I would have died of embarrassment. In lunch the odds had change. No one apart from her minion’s was sticking up to her. I did feel kind of sorry but in a way she did deserve it Chad could have died! She came over to me as usual to make a big thing about her problem so that everyone could feel sorry for her but this time it really wasn’t her day.

“How dare you go and steal my boyfriend!” She screeched.

“ What do you mean all I did was save his life after you pushed him down to his doom” I honestly said.

I quickly looked at my tray. Luckily there was no jelly on it.

“You’re making my life so difficult. I am the mayors daughter I get what I want when I want and you are making it hard for me.” She wined like a little girl having a tantrum.

I looked at the other guys and we just burst into fits of laughter.

“ You will pay!” She sharply said and stormed off.

I was in too much pain from laughing to take it as a threat. After wiping the tear from my eye and calming down. I started to breath normally again.

“You know she said you will pay while you guys were laughing.” Kurt said while attacking his yogurt with a spoon.

“What’s the worst she can do she made my life here at school a living hell and just looking at her is like looking death in the face.” I said.

Sam snorted. I looked at her like I was a zombie. Her drink in her mouth was dribbling down the side of her chin.

“That’s gross but you kind of look like Dracula” Lily laughed.

The rest of the day Lily Sam and I were just making faces to each other in lessons. We did get in trouble by Mr. Kelly but come on its history it needs to be brightened up a little. To be honest what’s the worst Miss I get what ever I want and you cant stop me and that’s that Britney going to do to me. Its not like she is going to get a three-ton pot of jelly and tip it down me. Then again jelly is really sticky and it will feel horrible.

The End

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