Chapter 16

On Friday Lily and I were one of the first to be waiting by the coach for the trip. We had to wear boots because it was going to be muddy. I was wearing really embarrassing boots and I tried to cover it with my trousers. When Chad came over I smiled and he smiled back. Lily nudged me. I bit my lip. Britney was late of course. Wearing everything pink. It was like for her it was a fashion parade to go to wet dingy Downback cove.

On the coach we were told who we were with. Lily was with Sarah Chatman. Chad was with Billy. When I heard my name being said I held my breath then when I heard Britney’s name I swallowed hard. Kill me now.

We got told what we had to do it was simple all we had to do was investigate which types of rocks were at pin pointed at ten different places on the map. The only hard thing is that I am with a nightmare.

When we to the third place. I was fed up with her moaning and groaning it was really getting to me.

“My feet hurt” She moaned.

“Shut up Britney! I am doing all the work her and all you do is moan. If you be quiet I can do this quickly and get the grade you want.” I snapped. For the rest of the time we were walking she was quiet. When we got back to the checkpoint were the teachers. We were the first to arrive. That was fast.

“Lets see if you are that fast let’s see if you got all the answers correct” Mrs. Kelly said

After she finished marking it in five minutes flat. She gasped and said.

“ Well that was fast and you got it all right. Brilliant team work.”

I beg to differ. When Lily came I spilled her all the beans of how I shut upped Britney. Meanwhile Britney and Chad seemed to be having an argument at the edge of the riverbank. It was really loud but I couldn’t quite catch what they were saying with all the high pitch squeaking that was coming out of the mouth of the mouth of Britney she kept pushing him further and further to the edge of the river. I knew what was coming I got up. Everyone seemed eager to see what will happen next. Then in a split second Chad lost hi balance from the pushing he was getting and fell in. He rolled down the hill and splashed into the river. He wasn’t splashing or moving. He must have hit his head on the way down and it was horrible standing there and watching. Something had to be done. Britney’s expression on her face was a moment to treasure it looked like she was going to be sick. Back to Chad. Mrs. Kelly and the other teachers were panicking and trying to move the class from the scene. My lifesaving skills kicked into action. I took of my hoddie and kicked of my embarrassing boots and ran down to the edge of the river. It was moving quite fast. Mrs. Kelly was screaming my name but I was slowly wading into the river it was cold and quite deep. I swam with my head up over to the unconscious Chad I turned him over as quickly and sophisticated as possible. I towed him to the edge of the river where it was dry. I dragged him out of the river. He weighed a ton, but I really didn’t care about that all o cared about was getting Chad breathing again. I tried shaking him gently and shouting his name but there was no response. I thrust his chest up to get all the water out. I checked his airway it was clear. When I was checking for circulation. I accidently elbowed him in the chest. Then it was like a miracle he started to breath again. I gasped in relief. I started to shout his name again. I was freezing by now. Chad started to moan. I wanted to hug him but couldn’t because I was cold and if I hugged him his body temperature could drop then again it could warm him again. I wasn’t wearing my hoddie. So I had to think fast to slowly warm him up. By now paramedics were sliding down the hill with blankets and medical equipments. One of the paramedics put a thermal blanket round my shivering body while another two were checking Chad. I climbed up the side of the hill with the paramedic holding my quivering body. They sat me down on a bench and were talking to me saying how brave I was to save his life. In my mind I was just wondering how Chad was. When the other paramedics came up from the hill with Chad conscious in a stretcher. He was bruised up and pretty week I got up and saw him go past me in the stretcher. Mrs. Kelly walked over to me before I got into the ambulance.

“ Faith I am shocked of what you did today and putting yourself in danger, but I have to admit well done for your quick thinking.” Mrs. Kelly patted me on shoulder. When I was in the ambulance with Chad was talking.

“Thank you,” He weekly said.

I smiled and held his hand.

I was waiting in the hospital when Mum, Steve, Jen and Chad’s dad came through the door. Mum ran over and hugged me.

“My baby’s OK” Jen was crying.

“Yeah he is inside there. I pointed towards the room.

“Thank you so much for saving my boy” Chad’s dad said as he went in.

I looked in the window as Jen rushed over to Chad. I smiled. It made me feel good inside.

The End

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