Chapter 15

I gave in my permission form to Mrs. Kelly in the morning on Wednesday. Saturday morning I went over to Chad’s house to help him with the song. While I was walking over to his house, it was getting pretty chilly the wind was really strong. I knocked on the door and his mum opened it. I jumped when I saw her face. It was a facemask.

“ Sorry dear did I scare you” His mum said

“No Mrs. Blackhill. My name is Faith. Do you know where Chad is by any chance?” I said

“ Call me Jen. Chad and his band are in the basement rehearsing.” Jen showed me to the basement.

When I got down there. The music was overwhelming. It was rock but not heavy metal. It sounded great. I stood at the bottom of the stairs while Jen went to get Chad I overheard her saying,

“Chad a really cute girl called Faith is hear to see you,”

“Mum” Chad blushed.

I blushed to. When I walked closer to the band I was getting really nervous. I vaguely new them from school. I quickly said hi when Jen left. When we got down to work. I was looking through there work. They had amazing Lyrics. I looked at the new song it was called Eyes set on her. They had started it. It was really good. I spent the rest of the morning. Writing the rest of the song. I managed to use ten pieces of paper both back and front. I have to admit I did use one of them to play nougats and crosses with myself.

“Done” I finally said. After three long arms aching hours.

“ Cool lets see it then” Doug said playing with his drumsticks.

After five grueling minutes of nodding heads and mouthing out words. I sat there hesitantly playing with the pencil.

“We come to our decision and… we… loved it!” Chad shouted.

I jumped from the chair and was jumping up and down like someone had given me coke and mentos. When I managed to control my happiness. I looked at them. They were looking at me like I was a mad person who had escaped from a mental house.

“Wow someone is really happy.” Jake said

“I had sugar in my cereal” I lied.

After listening to them rehearses the song it sounded amazing. Before I left to go home Chad came over.

“ I could walk you home if you want to?” He asked.

“That would be great” I smiled.

“You know what happened on Monday. I was so impressed of how you took it.” He said as we walked.

“ Yeah I suppose I did but it took me ages to get the jelly out of my hair though.” I said combing my hair.

Chad laughed. When we got to the door of my house I searched for my key in my bag.

Chad hesitantly said “I was thinking do you want to catch a bite soon”

“Yeah that would be great” I smiled and said thanks before closing the door. I slowly melted to the floor.

The End

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