Chapter 14

When I got to school the next morning I was struggling to stay awake in lessons.

“Earth to Faith” Mrs. Kelly said.

I shot up like a rocket. Forgetting where I was. Everyone was laughing at me when I realize that I had ink all over my face. I rubbed it off as quickly as I could.

“Now as I was saying. The trip to Downback cove. Next Friday I need all your permission forms and money by this Wednesday.” Mrs. Kelly explained “ On the day you will be in groups of two you will find out on the day who you will be with. It will be random so you wont be with your friends and that’s that”

At the end of school I went over to my martial arts class. Master Yu had some disturbing news for me.

“ Faith come and see this” Master Yu turned on the TV in his office.

“ Breaking news. There was an earthquake in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The strange thing is that that it didn’t cause an earthquake only ripples of water spreading up to ten kilometers diameter.

“ That is the place that Darious has been kept in.” Master Yu. “He is getting ready and so should we.”

“ My dream he was reaching out for me. Trying to take me away,” I said.

“My child you have to find you sprit soon before he rises to the surface. This means extra training from today.”

When I got home my arms and legs were killing me. K was moaning about me putting him under so much pressure as I was not as light as I normally was. I didn’t have the energy to get my key out. So I used my head as hand and banged on the door.

Mum opened the door. I really wasn’t in the mood to talk so I dumped my bag and K at the side of the stairs and plodded upstairs trying to maintain my balance, which really wasn’t working.  I had a nice warm shower and used mums Lavender soap which smelt the whole bathroom. I took my time to do my homework before I used my last amount of energy to roll into bed. I say roll when really I dropped myself onto the bed.

The End

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