Chapter 13

When we got to school on Monday. It was really quite an eerie atmosphere. I carried on in lessons as casual as possible trying to ignore the fact that people were giving me the most evil looks you could possibly imagine. When it was lunchtime Lily Kurt Sam and I was sitting down. When Sam pointed out.

 “ You got something on your back… It says Stay away from the smelly girl.”

Coldness shivered down my spine.

“ Get it of my back now” I said in horror.

“OK now I really want to know what happened at the Christmas Ball.” Kurt eagerly said.

Lily said everything while I was trying to recover from the humiliation that just what happened.

Britney walked to the table. I had a blank expression on my face looking down at my food.

“You think you could steal my boyfriend from me you Little boyfriend stealer!” Britney snorted. The canteen went silent.

I didn’t say anything.

“ You cant speak now is that guilt from being the stupid little disgusting creature you were” She grabbed my jelly and poured it all over my head. Lily Sam and Kurt gasped in horror.

“ That what you get for stealing peoples property.” Britney spat.

I grabbed my bag and got up and walked up. I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran to the end of the sports field. Hid behind a tree and wept. An hour when past and I just stayed their crying and thinking. I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I should off back of but I couldn’t. In the canteen all I wanted to do was huge a tidal wave with everyone’s drinks and hit her with it.

“Faith! Faith where are you!” I didn’t move from my very comfy position. I heard footsteps come closer and closer. I panicked and made my self-invisible.

“Faith I know you are here. Show yourself “ Miss Joy said.

I slowly made my self-visible. The jelly dribbled down my face.

“Poor you” Miss said handing me a napkin and was whipping my hair keeling beside me.

“What Britney did was inappropriate and she shouldn’t have done that”

“ I don’t care anymore I am going to die soon anyway” I sighed.

“ Don’t you ever say that. Darious may be stronger older and older. But you can stop him.” Miss said sternly.

“People hate me for what I have done and I suppose they have a right” I sighed

“No they don’t is just that Britney made a huge go out of it that everyone gave in and to make her happy they pretend to be angry at you when really and truly that they were happy for you, Come on the bells gone for the end of school. If you want you can wait a while in my room till the crowed of Zoo animals has passed away.

I nodded and got up. Whipping all the leaves from my clothes. When we got into the classroom I sat down and combed out my hair with my hand. Steve came into the classroom and hugged me.

“ Not to tight” He said.

I released my grip.

“Your mum called me while I was patrolling. She told me everything that happened that I rushed over to come and get you.” He said.

“The headmaster called your mum at work after the incident. But because Britney get away with everything she got away with this lightly” Miss Joy sighed.

When we got home mum grabbed me when I got out of the police car.

“My poor baby” She sobbed.

I wasn’t in the mood to do anything. I took a really long shower. I managed to get all the jelly out of my hair. Got into my PJs and sat at my desk and did my homework.

The door opened it was Lily she was holding two cups of hot chocolate.

“Can I come in” she said.

She sat on my bed and I sat next to her.

“You took that ever so bravely. You’re the talk of the school and that is for a good thing. Britney did a horrible thing after you saved her life she didn’t even say thank you” Lily said.

“That’s Britney for you” I sipped some hot chocolate.

“ Chad feels really guilty. You should talk to him.” Lily suggested.

“Yeah I should but I still feel annoyed with my self for not telling him. This has probably ruined our friendship for ever.” I moaned.

“No you haven’t believe me just talk to him everything will be fine” Lily said.

When we finished the hot chocolate we talked for a bit longer before she left for home.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I was having a nightmare. I was walking in the woods. It was dark and misty. I had lost my way. There was a clearing I ran towards it. It kept going further and further away. All of a sudden I tripped over a root of a tree. Then all of a sudden something grabbed my leg and was reeling me towards them. I tried to escape grabbing onto the roots of trees, but it was no use. I turned around to throw rocks at the thing that was pulling me towards it. Its mouth opened. Its teeth were like rusty daggers waiting for its next victim. The breath on the other hand was like a dead rabbit that had been left in the sun to rot. I couldn’t breath. I was screaming for help but no one would hear me.

I woke up screaming. Steve rushed in. I was panicking and looking around.

“Its ok now you are safe” Steve was trying to comfort me. I didn’t get back to sleep after that.

The End

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