Chapter 12

I woke up and found myself lying in my room. What an evening last night. My first kissed ruined by something so sinister. Mum was sitting at the end of my bed.

“ I heard what happened last night. My baby had her first kiss. How could you past out at such an opportunity” My said

“Its Darious he is coming for me” I said, “ He just had to show in my head a the wrong time didn’t he,” I moaned.

“Its OK my little cupcake just get ready and go downstairs we are going to visit aunt Barbara later.” Mum left the room.

I got out of bed. Washed the entire make up of my face, before picking out some clothes to wear. My hair was in so many knots. It was painful. As I was combing my hair downstairs. I walked past the living room saw Chad and walked on. Then I realized what I done and reversed myself back into the living room. The comb was stuck in my hair. Great.

“Let me help you with that” Chad said untangling the comb out of my hair.

“Are you OK now? I was so worried when you passed out when I…”

“Yeah I am fine now,” I said really quickly. I really didn’t want to here the K word right now.

“Oh Ok” Chad looked like a puppy that was lost.

“Look Chad. Yesterday happened so fast but…”

“Was my lips piousness or something” Chad looked worried.

“No its just that” I had to tell him but I couldn’t “There is something that I want to tell you but I cant, If I could I would. Honestly!” I said.

“Is there something wrong with your family” Chad asked.

“Yes but you cant get worried you have to promise me.” I put my pinky out.

“Pinky promise” Chad said with a week smile.

“ If you really want I can help you with the song tomorrow at your house” I said quickly.

“Yeah that would be great” Chad smiled as he left.

When he left. I closed the door and was fuming with anger.

“Is there anything wrong” Steve asked as I was curled up next to the door.

“My power is what wrong!” I shouted and pushed him out of the way and ran up stairs. Crying.

Hours seemed to have gone by while I was lying in my room. Mum came in

“Where are you?” Mum asked when she came in.

“On the bed,” I sniffed

“ I cant see you” Mum said calmly.

I made my self-visible and cried in mum’s arms. When I calmed down again. Mum started to talk.

“That was a pretty forceful push into Steve’s ribs.” Mum said, “He is on the sofa in pain.”

“I didn’t mean to do that I was just really angry. That’s all.” I said quietly.

“ I know it is a big deal when you have power like these and you cant tell people so close to you. Your Father had the same problem when he told me. It was in the olds peoples home Kitchen back in Enfield. I was cleaning the dishes by my self when one of the stoves switched on by itself. It was a really faulty stove then. There was gas on and it exploded. I hid for cover in a corner for protection. It was so hard to breath. Then a tall figure came from the fire. It was your father. He swooped me in his arms and brought me out with out a single burnt mark. It wasn’t long till I figured out what he was. He honestly thought that I was going to freak out and run away, but I loved him for who he was and he was so brave to come in and rescue me. In your own time you will find the perfect moment to tell him and if he really cares about you he will still like you for who you are.” Mum stroked my hair.

“First you should go downstairs and apologies to Steve then we will pack the decoration before we eat the leftovers food from yesterday and watch a movie” Mum held my hand and we walked downstairs.

 Later I was talking to Lily on the phone. We talked about all the events that happened yesterday. She was so happy that Jake finally got the guts to ask her out. Apparently he wanted to ask her for ages but just couldn’t pick up the courage to ask her. We were on the phone for an hour and a half. Just talking about what happened yesterday and what is probably going to happen in school next week. With all the drama form yesterday. What was in for me was a different subject and there seemed that there may not be a clearing.


The End

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