Chapter 11

The day of the Christmas came, and yet again I fell asleep when Santa came. I suppose there is always next year to wait. I cant wait a whole year that to long. What up with the once a year thing! It’s not fair!

The amazing symphony of opening presents. I really didn’t want much. I got a new pair of jeans and a new bunny jumper from Grandma Jones. She still thinks I’m ten but you cant live with out them. Then again with all the public humiliation is kind of old now. Who doesn’t get a knitted jumper for Christmas? If there is some one who doesn’t they really need to get one!

I got mum a new watch. She got me a new USB stick, which I really need. Steve on the other hand got me a pepper spray, really inappropriate. I got him a mug, which said No.1 policeman. Steve got mum a really weird looking dress. Then it clicked. I really shouldn’t describe what it is. Santa left me a note under the tree and some money. Santa never seems to fail me. I called Grandma Jones and Grandpa Pete to wish them a merry Christmas. When the afternoon came Lily and her family came round and we had a huge Christmas Lunch. After we le the food to settle and heard all the really bad Christmas Jokes from the Christmas crackers I grabbed my things for the ball and followed Lily to her house. Sam was waiting for us at the door.

“ You heard all the bad Christmas Jokes. I can tell by the looks on your faces.” It was like Sam was physic or it just happened to her at her house. Lily and Sam spent there time doing a full pedicure and Medicare and their hair while I was reading a magazine and watching TV. Before I could even find out who was dating who in the Celebrity world I was dragged to my doom. I was dumped on a chair a light was shining in my eyes.

“Now Faith you are in good hands just sit back and relax we are going to make you look like a million dollars and make Britney really jealous” Lily said deviously.

Two hours went pass before I was aloud to look in the mirror again. I was wearing the blue prom dress. With black tights and blue pumps. I wore my dad’s locket and butterfly earrings and the bracelet I got for my birthday. Lily and Sam did an amazing job with the makeup. My hair was long and wavy and had a blue water Lily in it. The water Lily was a fake.

Lily wore her black shift dress with the white waist belt and black and white heels. She really did look like she was on the red carpet already. Well the carpet in her room was pink so I suppose she was halfway their. Sam was wearing a Purple tunic dress with purple platforms shoes.

“Oh yeah! We look ready to hit that party and shock the eyes of all the people in that room.” Sam smiled at the mirror.

I was getting cold feet. Literally.

“What’s wrong Faith?” Lily asked.

“This may sound weird but. I have a hunch you are defiantly going to be asked out by Jake tonight.” I made up quickly.

Really I was scared that this could be the last ever fun I could have when I go to fight Darious.

When we got downstairs it was like a swarm of flashing fireflies. Mum and Julie were taking pictures. It was really hurting my eyes.

“ My daughter all grown up” I could see the tear rolling down her cheek.

“Mum please” I laughed.

Steve was waiting next to his car. I was so happy that it wasn’t his police car.

When we got to Britney’s Mansion. The place was like the red carpet in Hollywood all the photographers. I gave Steve a kiss on the cheek before he left.

“Be home by eleven thirty,” Steve said sternly

“Yes master” I laughed

 Lily, Sam and I linked arms and walked up to the door. There was security so we got our invitations out. It was clipped. Then we were allowed to pass. The hall was amazing with the entire drape red and the tables neatly lined around the hall. There were a lot of people around. I freaked out and turned round.

“Faith its OK we are in this together” Lily held my shaking arm.

As we walked down the stairs a sea of eyes faced towards us. Britney and Co pushed them selves forward.

“Glad you could make it.” Britney said gritting her teeth.

When we sat down at our table right at the back. With some of the chess club. Funny enough. We enjoyed a meal so dainty. I felt like I was a top celebrity eating among riches. I had chicken Caesar salad. I wasn’t that hungry. My fears were eating me inside.

When the music had started and people were on the dance floor. I sat on the sideline watching Jake and lily dancing. They were so adorable. Sam was with her boyfriend. I was with a chocolate tart.

All of a sudden from nowhere

“ Now could you give a huge round of applause for my boyfriends band! Who are in the finals of Battle of the bands. Temptation!” Britney bellowed from the mic.

They played one of their new songs, which was amazing. Chad voice was so sweet and so soothing. Before they left the stage. Britney went over to Chad and pulled him. I had to close my eyes. It was horrible watching her put her tongue down his throat. I needed to get away from the scene. It was killing me inside and I pretty much thought I was going to regurgitate my Christmas meal.

I went to get some air on the balcony. The wind blowing through my air like peaceful souls.

“Hey faith” I panicked and turned round.

“Oh its only you Chad” I said with a smile and a sigh of relief.

“What do you think of the band?” Chad asked

“ You guys are amazing!” I said.

“The battle of the bands is a really tough competition. We are writing a new song which is taking a lot of our holidays” Chad sighed.

“I could help you with that. If you want” I said with a grin.

“Really that would be amazing. Thanks!” Chad smiled.

Before we could talk any further there was a loud gunshot and screaming. We rushed into the hall. About ten meters away there was a masked gunman holding a gun pointing at Britney. Chad and I hid behind the nearest pillar.

“Anyone come near I will shot the mayors little girl” The masked gunman spat.

In my head I said he isn’t the only one who wants to pull the trigger. When he wasn’t looking I quietly paced my self to get as close to him. Chad tried too reaching out for me but I was to far away. The floorboards creaked. The gun was pointing directly at me. The gunman fired. In a split second I ducked and swerved my foot out to hit him in the shins. He roared in pain and dropped the gun. I kicked it and it fell to the floor of frightened students.

“You stupid insolent child” The gunman barked and grabbed my wrist and yanked me towards him. He wrapped his arm around my neck and started to strangle me. I was gasping for air. I bit as hard I could on his wrist. He threw me to the ground while he was trying to maintain his balance. He completely lost his balance and fell over the banister. I grabbed the gunman’s arm.

“I don’t want to die. I have kids and a wife. I am working for someone. Please what ever you do don’t let go.” The gunman wept. I grabbed hid arm with both arms but he was slipping. I was coming closer towards the edge. It was so painful. My arms were hurting but worst of all was that a man’s life was in the grip of my hands.

“ I can’t hold on for much longer!” I yelled in pain. I was at the edge. The banister was breaking with all the weight.  I saw from below. A group of people grabbing the drapes and tugging it to go directly below the man’s feet. 

“ I have to let go!” I yelped as the man slipped away from my hand.

He fell. One of the scariest seconds of my life. He fell straight into the drape.I turned around and lent on banister to get my breath back. The banister gave way. I fell straight down before I was stopped and pulled back up. Chad had grabbed my arm. He pulled me back up and I collapsed onto the floor. On top of him

“My hero!” I managed to say when o got my breath back.

The party came to a halt. Everyone was asked to leave as the masked gunman was put into a police car. I was waiting outside in the freezing cold for Steve to come and pick me. Then a warm cloak was wrapped around me.

“That was some pretty impressive moves,” Chad said wrapping his coat around me and trying to stop me from shivering.

I smiled and leaned on his shoulder.

“ You have got to teach me some of those moves soon,” Chad laughed.

I smirked. I saw Lily get into a car with Jake. They were holding hands.

“Such a cute couple.” I sighed as they droved off

“I wish I could say the same with Britney and I” Chad sighed. “ She is always playing me around like a toy secretly going out with other guys behind my back. I dumb her, she blackmails me, I go back to her and she just does the same thing to me again. It just likes a vicious circle. It horrible” Chad was getting angry.

“Its ok things will soon change.” I said trying to be helpful.

“Its not ok” Chad got up. I got up trying to keep him calm.

“Why” I asked.

“Its hard to explain.” He said

“There are people around you that you can talk to. You don’t have to keep it bottled up. Everyone one has secrets even I do, but there are people you can trust.” I said calmly.

Then it happened so fast. Chad. Yes Chad kissed me on the lips. It was like I was floating in the clouds of love. The moment was ruined when a face flashed in my head. It was horrible and ugly. Shouting, cursing at me. I passed out in Chad’s arms.


The End

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