Chapter 10

Working with Mum at her restaurant was fun. Serving people, cleaning the dishes (O.K that part wasn’t fun, but Lily and I had quite a bit of water fights) getting tips from kind customers, getting some rude word from bad-mannered customers on the other hand was predictable but they wont be expecting a little trick or two coming into their mail boxes.  With the tips we got. Lily and I used the well-earned ninety pounds we earned between us to do what girls do and do very well. SHOPPING!

When we arrived at the mall. It was a warm feeling inside the mall. Christmas decoration hanging from every inch of the mall. Santa’s grotto. If you were the age of ten and below or don’t care what anyone else say but Father Christmas does exist and your mind will never ever be changed. It was like you were in the North Pole. The poles around the grotto looked edible. The house was like a ginger bread house with snow covered frosting. The icicles were delicately made. The elves were the most adorable thing you have ever seen. They were wearing green and red stripe costume. With their hats bobbling up and down. Ice skating around the house. One of the elves was surprisingly taller than any of the others. Sam I thought in my head. I went up to her and said in the cutest voice ever.

“Miss elf I am here for Santa could you please show where I have to go to.”

“Welcome to Santa’s grotto the amazing spectacular experience you ever want” Sam smiled then turned around to catch a glimpse that it was me. She was that close to taking off her skates and slitting my throat with it.

When Sam finished her shift. We grabbed a hot chocolate at Starbucks.

“Aghhh! My feet hurt from skating.” Sam moaned rubbing her feet.

“Come on! We are drinking hot chocolate not looking at your bunions” Lily turned away.

“So what are you going to wear to the Christmas Ball” Sam finally said after putting her feet back into the depths of her trainers.

“ I was thinking of wearing my black shift dress with a white waist belt and white high heels. With some jewelry of course” Lily pointed out.

“What are you going to wear then Faith” Sam asked sipping her hot chocolate.

“Well I was thinking of wearing the dress that Lily got me for my birthday but I don’t know how to accessorize it” I really do fail at fashion.

“ And you call yourself a girl. Even a dog with a chronic life condition probably has a better fashion sense than you have got” Sam laughed.

“ We defiantly need to take you shopping” Lily got up. “Come on I know just the place we are taking you to”

I know I don’t have that great of a fashion sense. But come on there are other worries on my mind then fashion. For example the world may be coming to an end. I got a ton of homework, and a teenage crush. Wait then again maybe a little bit of fashion sense wont hurt me.

When I got back home from my shopping spree with Lily and Sam. Mum was waiting in the Kitchen for me. What have I done now I thought?

“Sit down” mum said sternly. “Mrs. Peterson came round today and she had some porridge delivered to her through her letterbox. By any chance do you know how it got there?”

I looked at my feet. Looked at her face then looked back at my feet.

“Well here the thing Mum. I didn’t really take it politely when she stepped on my foot and called your restaurant a place of were vermin eat. So I kind of played a practical prank on her.” I smiled hesitantly at her.

“ That very kind of you nut you know I don’t like that behavior so I have to ground you for the rest of the week or you have to clean the entire dishes at the restaurant with no powers and no help what so ever for the rest of the week.” Mum gave me the look

I thought a while dishes or grounded. A very tough decision.

“Fine I will do the dishes” I sighed.

That soon turned out to be a very bad idea. My fingers were like soggy chips that had been left out to dry.

Christmas eve was here finally. One of the best days of the year.

Christmas decorations are up.

The tree is up.

Presents are under the tree.

Stockings are up.

K has been thoroughly polished. He really didn’t like it.

The cookies and milk are under the stockings.

Trying very hard to get Steve away from the cookies.

Mum is marinating the chicken also making the Christmas pudding. While Lily’s Mum Julie is cooking the potato salad and veggies and other sides platters.

Its ten minutes to midnight. Got my sleeping bag ready. Torchlight. Check. PJs on. All I can do now is wait for Santa to come and bring the presents. You got to love Christmas!

The End

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