Chapter 9

I woke up to see the faces of mum and Steve.

“Auntie May she is dead isn’t she” I was in so much pain.

“Yes. You been in a deep sleep for three days.” Steve said

“Mum, Uncle Chris is in trouble” I felt so week.

Master Yu appeared from behind my distraught mother.

“Faith you are in danger too. All we can do now is protect you.”

“No I have to find my sprit before it to late.” I got up into as sitting position. Lily was standing outside the door. I smiled and she came in.

“I have got all the people I love around me and I have to do my best to protect them. I will face Darious and defeat him.” I said with pride.

“ You can sound really cheesy sometimes cant you” Lily smirked.

“ You got to give me the credit for that” I gave a week smile

Last week of term went smoothly. No one seemed to ask me what was wrong and why I wasn’t at school on Monday. Probably. Miss Britney the drama queen was going on about her Christmas Ball.

It was the end of a hectic first term. The Christmas holidays are here and the second term of training and learning more about my powers were defiantly on the way.


The End

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