Chapter 8

When I woke up the next morning I was in my room. I got to face the music today. I did all my morning business and went downstairs. Steve was in the corridor. I opened my arms out wide and got a huge bear hug from him.

“Morning sleepy head.” Steve laughed.

“Morning bear man” I laughed

“When we got into the kitchen mum was there. Steve gave her a kiss on the lips. I gave a face of disgust.

“ Come on. Keep the house apart from your room a P.G zone. Too many innocent eyes around. I hid my eyes through my half eaten toast.

“ I have something really important to say” My mum said sternly.

I have a strange feeling they got a call from Mrs. Peterson last night. I swallowed my mouthful of toast hard.

“ You that your mum and I have seeing each other for almost a year and a half now. Well last week I popped the question’ Steve said

Please tell me mum was clever enough to say yes.

“And I said yes!” Mum cried out she showed me the ring. It was an elegant gold ring with a heart diamond. I was so happy for them. My mum and Steve are a match made in heaven but my Dad was in the picture first. I understand how she wanted to move on. I got up to get going for school. When Steve stopped me at the door.

“Faith remembers when you are prank calling people. Don’t use the house phone. Use a private number. Mrs. Peterson was able to track the number down.” I was caught red handed.

So far so good the day was going excellent

When lunch time. Kurt was talking about her trip to the Caribbean’s into the summer holidays with his family this Christmas. Christmas in the sun that’s weird!

“Lily and I are going to be waitress at our parents restaurant. What are you doing Sam” I asked Sam

“I am being an elf at Santa’s workshop in the mall,” Sam mumbled.

I snorted on my water.

“That isn’t that bad look at all the children that you will be making happy” Lily trying to make Sam happy.

Darkness fell over the table. Britney and the Pink dolls walked over.

“ So you losers have jobs over the holidays. How pathetic. Anyway because I am inviting the chess club to my Christmas ball. I have to invite you so here” She dumped the invitation on our table. “ Be there eight o’clock sharp on the twenty fifth. Dress evening wear.” Then she strutted off.

“ You have to go and tell me everything that happens” Kurt blurted out when Britney left.

“Yeah we have to go and give her a night to remember for sure,” Sam was gleaming with happiness.

After school Lily came with me to see Master Yu. When we went into his office. I shoved the note in front of him.

“What does this mean?” I was fuming with anger.

Lily was holding me back as I told her to. Master Yu was reading and nodding his head.

“ I feared the worst. You are in danger my child. The prophecy is awaking. Darious wants his revenge.”

“What do you mean?” I said slumping my self on the chair. Lily sat next to me.

“Darious swore that in exactly in a thousands years he will rise to the surface and take over the world. He already has the power of fire and darkness he will then go for earth air then you.” Master Yu sighed

This was too much to take in.

“The only thing you can do is to go to the sacred place and find you’re sprit within.”

“Where is that? What do I have to do? Can I really stop Darious?” All these questions were going through my mind.

“All of your questions will be answered in time, but for now you need to rest my child.

I nodded and left the room. When we got outside. Lily said “Well that isn’t really what you want to hear after your birthday”
When we got to lily’s house I said goodbye and said that I would call her later. When I opened the door to my house. I heard crying I rushed into the living room and mum was they’re crying. I tried to get to her but there was a blur. I heard screaming. It was horrible and painful. I crashed to the ground like an apple falling from a tree being pulled by gravity. 

The End

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