Chapter 7

December the first the best day of the year for me. Well one of the best. My birthday! I woke up in the morning with the smell of pancakes. I rushed downstairs still pretty much half asleep. Before I even got into the kitchen I was rugby tackled and picked up into the living room. I was so tired to even struggle. I was dropped on the sofa.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” My mum and Steve shouted.

This time I was wide-awake and jumped up and down with excitement. Mum had got me a forensic kit, which I have always wanted. Steve got me a new upgrade for K, which was awesome! I got a bunch of cards from my aunties and uncles that were full of money. I am going to put it in my bank account for a rainy day also with the other five thousand pounds that I have been saving up since I was three. I got ready for school and scoffed down my pancakes gave my mum a hug. Grabbed my bag and K and was out of the door like a bullet. When I knocked on Lily door she was like a gush of wind.

“HAPPY BIRTDAY!” She shouted in my ear. Very Painful. She gave me a really cute outfit. It was a blue dress prom dress with a trail of butterflies on the rim. When we go to school it was Tutor groups. Miss Joy had baked a small cake and the tutor group sang happy birthday. We ate the cake, which was gorgeous. Before I left to go to French miss wanted me to stay behind. She wanted to give me a book. The cupboard was really old and not stable. Then it collapsed. With out thinking about the consequences I thrust out my hand and a force field covered the cupboard. I lifted it back up. Miss ran out from underneath of it.

“You’re the sprit of water. I knew it along. Its ok I am a spy protecting you from Darious.” Miss said with a sigh of a relief

“ Wait you are a spy!” I whispered really loudly. “ Wait what this thing about Darious as well!”

“ The headmaster was really close with your father when he was living here. They both went to Sky High together. When your father died. The so-called prison labyrinths that Darious is a prisoner in… well it had cracked. Some of his minions escaped and basically they absorbed his power while he was fighting them. Otherwise he would have survived the explosion. May thirteenth will be exactly a millennium since he was locked up in prison. The crack is getting bigger. Soon it will be big enough for Darious to escape. He will want revenge by absorbing powers of your auntie and uncle then you!” Miss Joy said sternly

Well even though we are learning past, present and future tense. This is way more important.

“So were do you come into the picture?” I asked getting into a cross- legged position. Like a five year old would if their parent is reading them a bedtime story.

“I work for a secret society who have been studying the prison until when we found something very disturbing. There was a crack. My colleagues have been trying everything to prevent the crack from getting bigger but every time someone looks directly in the crack they get possessed. They had to abandon the mission before anything else goes wrong. When we found out that you were coming here we had to warn you and protect you from Darious.” Miss said as soothing as possible

There was a long awkward silence. It was hard to take in. One it is my birthday. Two the fact that my tutor actually works for a secret agency trying who are trying to protect me. Last but not least my headmaster is one of my dads close friend. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing all I know is that so many things are going through my head like a fish going round and round in a bowl. When I left the room the rest of the day just seem to passing away. Trying to keep a happy face. When I opened my locker at lunchtime a letter and a box was there. The bell rang for lessons. I quickly shoved them into my coat pocket. The last lesson of the day was Math’s with Chad that has to put a smile on my face! It was almost the end of the lesson but the letter was burning a hole in my pocket. I had to open it. I took it out and sneaked it into my Math’s book.

The first line read Dear Faith. Probably just a note from someone who gave me the box. The second line made me choke. My one and only daughter. The bell went I shoved my books into my bag and left the room like a bullet. I sat on a bench at the back of the school. I took a deep breath and read the letter.

Dear Faith

My one and only daughter.

It has been fifteen years since I last saw you when I was alive. You are probably shocked that it is me. I have been dead for almost fifteen years. I saw the future and what will happen. I can’t tell you but all I can say is that you can do it. Darious may be strong and evil but you have one thing that he doesn’t have. I am always there in your dreams. Don’t be afraid. There are lots of people there to help you.

Love you loads


Lots emotions were going through my head. Was it really him? How does he know the future? Am I going to fight Darious? This is too much for me to take in.

“Faith there you are Lily and Sam have been looking for you for half an hour… are you OK?” Chad sat next to me.

 He put his arm around me. I burst out crying into his chest. It took me a whole ten minutes to realize that I had an emotional breakdown in Chad’s arms.

“ You dropped this in Math’s.” Chad gave me the box.

I opened it and inside was a bracelet with butterfly’s charms. It was so cute.

“ Could you put it on for me,” I asked Chad through my sniffs.

As he put on the bracelet. All I could think of was the letter.

“If there is anything wrong you know there is people that you can talk to?” Chad said after putting on the bracelet. “Happy Birthday,” he got up and was about to leave

“Chad!” I said. He turned around. I gave him a huge hug. “ Thank you” I managed to say.

“ Faith!” Sam and Lily shouted.

I turned around to see them running towards me. I turned around to see if Chad was still there but he had gone. The birthday party at home was really fun. We watch a movie and had lots of treats not to forget we prank called a whole bunch of people, which was hilarious. We did get caught once or twice and had to make up a random story so we wouldn’t get in trouble.

When we were in my room just looking at the ceiling.

Kurt said “December twenty fifth is when Britney has her Christmas ball at her house. Do you think she is going to invite us?”

“If she did it would be to public humiliate us” Lily sighed

“You never know we could change the odds around” I laughed and started to admire my bracelet.

“Whom did you get that from?” Sam asked trying to take it away from me.

“ I don’t know I found it in my locker today” I was still pretty much recovering from today’s drama.

When Sam and Kurt left Lily and I were still talking.

“I saw you today hugging Chad on the bench. What was that all about?” Lily asked.

“Ermm… well I had a kind of a emotional brake down. He said that you and Sam were looking for me.”

“ Yeah we were Britney was looking for Chad as well you may be in trouble when you get to school tomorrow. You know you can tell me what wrong,” Lily sounded worried.

“ You know what, tomorrow after school, you got to come with me to master Yu. It is really important and I need you to be there with me. Pinky promise?” I gave her the cute puppy dog eyes that really put everyone off but it hypnotizes them to do what I say.

“I promise after school. Its getting late I better go home. See you tomorrow at school” I gave her a hug before she left. I fell asleep on the sofa.

The End

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