Chapter 6

It is almost the end of the first term of school was a bit hard to fit into but I had Sam Lily and Kurt right behind me to help me get through the school. Britney and the pink dolls try to sabotage my life in school and tried to swap my grades with the not so good of the year in academics Billy Woods but that kind of failed when the Headmaster caught them in his office. Martial arts classes were going great. I was improving and mange to win a fight with three of the teachers! Mums and Lily mum restaurant the business was booming. One of their customers was a policeman called Steve he was really strong and every timed I play fight with him it lasted ages before he ended and started to tickle me. He had been dating my mum for a long time but I didn’t mind because he was really nice and I was aloud to help on his shifts on the weekend, which was cool. Lily’s birthday was in October ad we went to the Sky Ville theme park, which was scary, but at the same time really good fun. Chad on the other hand was a different story we were becoming really close friends and Britney didn’t like it at all.

The End

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