Chapter 5

When Wednesday came straight after school I went to Master Yu Karate class. When I opened the door to the class. I was amazed of what I saw it was like I have stepped into another country completely.

“Welcome to Master Yu Karate class how may I help you a voice said from behind” As I turned around to see an old man standing there in a black karate suit.

“Hi My name is Faith Firestone and I am here for a karate class I was sent here by my headmaster Mr. Highsted,” I said to the man.

“Ahh your are Faith Firestone welcome I am Master Yu come with me and o will show you around.” Master Yu pointed me to the door as it opened. I was amazed to see kids old and young learning karate.

“ So tell me about yourself Faith and how you learned about martial arts” Master Yu asked.

“ Well I have moved here from Enfield. I learned martial arts by practicing in my room and watching television” I explained.

“ I knew who your father is Faith. He was my top student and I know your secret about your power and I can help you control it” Master Yu quietly said.

I was speechless. We got into the main room there was a class going on. It was a room full of boys. Oh brother.

“Let me test you at your skills. You will be going against my top student Chad Blackhill” Chad stepped forward.

“Faith what are you doing here?” Chad gasped.

“You mean I have to fight him. No way!” I shouted

One of the teachers shoved me into the circle. I really didn’t want to fight my own crush. We circled around each other. Chad came closer. I couldn’t go any backwards so I had to do something fast. I bent down and kicked his shin. I flipped over him and landed on the other side of him but I landed with my back facing him. Before I could turn around he grabbed my hand and flipped me over. Great my crush is trying to kill me. Woohoo! I landed straight on my back. Before Chad could pin me down. I grabbed his hand and rolled over him and I hand pinned him down. There was a huge round of applause. I got up I felt like a complete idiot.  I held my hand out at Chad pulled himself up.

“I am so sorry I really didn’t mean to embarrass you like that,” I said as I was helping him up.

“ No it’s cool but you really got some cool moves there, but you still need to brush up on them.” Chad smiled so dreamily.

When I was leaving to go home after the session. Chad was waiting at the door.

“Who are you waiting for?” I asked

“Actually I was kind of waiting for ermm you.” Chad shyly said.

OMG! Is this actually real? Pinch me.

“Ow!” Opps I actually pinched my self.

“Are you OK?” Chad asked worried.

“Yeah just a cramp in my leg. Nothing much” I said really quickly.

While we were walking home I felt al giddy inside but that the entrance of the pink dolls ruined the moment.

“What I the worlds of fashion are you doing with my boyfriend!” Britney shouted.

“Its OK we were just walking back from an after school club that all Baby” Chad said in such a sweet voice.

I actually thought I was going to be sick. How nice a boy is to be dating the world’s most spiteful girl the planet has possibly ever seen.

“But baby do you know what she did on Monday to me?” Britney pouted

“ Yes you have told me over a thousands time and I was there” Chad sighed.

Sheesh he has probably haven’t had any sleep if she keeps on telling him.

“I better go my mum is probably at home and I need to do my geography homework. See ya,” I thought up really quickly.

“ Yeah you better go home to your mummy its probably your bedtime already” One of Britney minions said.

“Resist Faith Resist” I kept saying over and over again in my head and walked off.

Later on in the evening I was on Facebook I was taking to lily about the event of what happened today. Lily pointed out to me that this is there eighth time of being in a relationship together in the past year and a half. This is because Britney blackmails him by using Chad’s dads guitar shop as a bait to get at Chad by threatening him that she would get her dad to close the shop down by lying about it secretly selling drugs. I felt so sorry for him. He was going out with a monster just so his dads business. The cheek of it and the worse thing is that she gets away with it. This has to be stop.

The End

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