Chapter 4

In the morning the birds were tweeting singing there morning. Sky High school wasn’t like my old one we didn’t have uniform. I went into the bathroom before I put my clothes on I wore a red collar t-shirt I put on my blue hoddie with a butterfly in the corner. Then I put on my favourite navy blue skinny jeans and a random pair of socks and put on my locket. I grabbed my school bag and K and rushed down stairs. Mum was in the kitchen making some toast I gave her a kiss on the cheek and took her toast.

“Oi! Cheeky! Anyway I wont be back home till six don’t forget your keys and I will see you later” My mum said making another piece of toast

I slipped into my trainers and went outside. I knocked on Lily’s door Lily opened the door shouted bye to her mum and closed the door. We used our hover boards to get to school it was ten minutes away. When we got there. The school was huge. It was clean three story’s high their was a big main building surround by small other buildings.

“Come on daydreamer you need to go to the head masters office I will show you were it is.”

When we got to the headmasters office. I looked around and was amazed by all the trophies and pictures of the school sport teams. One of the pictures struck my attentions but before I figure out what it was.

“Hello Faith”
I squeaked and spun around

“No need to be to be alarmed. I am the headmaster of Sky High School. Mr Highsted why don’t you come in. Lily thank you very much you can go to your tutor now.

When I got inside the office I was stunned of how amazing the room was the floor was velvet with pictures and drapes hanging down from the window. I sat down on a comfy chair. The headmaster blabbering on about the school but I was just admiring the room.

“Now here is your timetable for the term. Tutor session is over so you should get to your first lesson maths which is on the second floor class thirteen.”

 I picked up my bag said thanks to the head master and headed of to the maths department. It was pretty easy to get to the classroom there were lots of signs everywhere, which was helpful. Class thirteen here I am. I knocked on the door and entered.

“ Ahh you must be the new student” The teacher said

“Yes my name is Faith Firestone,” I said shyly

“ My name is Mr. Rodriguez and I am your top set maths teacher. You can sit over there behind Chad.” Mr Rodriguez pointed.

My heart was smacking my ribs like a ball hitting a wall. The lesson went by really quickly. Everyone was looking at me when I got a really hard question correct in two minutes flat. My lessons were amazing so far. Here is a list of all my teachers:

Mr Rodriguez    Maths

Mr Kelly         Drama

Mr Thompson    Physics

Miss Smith       Chemistry

Miss Class        Biology

Mr Forster       French

Mrs Kelly         Geography

Mrs Tee          Food

Mrs Stonehill     RE

Miss Joy          English and Tutor

It was lunchtime Lily, Samantha (Sam for short), Kurt and I were sitting under an oak tree while eating our lunch. Then the sun was blocked by something.

“You are sitting where we sit” I looked up to be blinded by pink.

“Oh no it the pink dolls” Kurt sighed

“The who?” I was really confused.

“Us! We are your fashion nightmare,” The pink plastic in the middle boasted out.

Literally I thought in my head.

“Move! Now or I will get our bodyguards on you!” The plastic girl said again.

Two BIG fellas came from behind them I was surprised that they could fit behind the three plastic girls.

“ We were keeping this place warm for you Britney” Kurt said quickly and started to get his stuff together to leave.

“No we are not leaving this tree hasn’t got your name on it so its not your property.” I was swelling with anger.

“Do you know who my Father is? He is the Mayer of the town!” Britney boasted.

This time the bodyguards came forward. They looked like the bullies of the school and were probably being paid to do Britney’s and co dirty work. I got my fist ready for action. The bodyguards lunched at me. I heard my name being shouted but ignored it. I back flipped towards the tree and pushed off using my feet to be the other side of them. They turned around and one of them threw a fist at me. I ducked and grabbed the fist and twisted it. He let a roar of pain. The other one was behind me and was about to jump on me I jerked out of the way as a huge thud went to the ground. Then from around I heard around of applause. I turned around to see a huge crowed clapping and cheering. Lily Kurt and Sam tackled me with their hugs. Luckily I managed to maintain my balance.

“This isn’t over newbie. I am going to make your life a living hell,” Britney said.

Chad came over but before he could say anything Britney grabbed him and dragged him away. The rest of the day went slowly. Before I left to go home. I was called into the Headmasters office. I was petrified. What happened at lunchtime was going though my mind like a nightmare. When the headmaster’s door opened I was shaking vigorously. I walked in. You could cut the silence with a breadknife.

“Sit down faith” The headmaster said.

I looked down to the floor trying to maintain my quiver.

“I saw the fight today you had with Rufus and Ben”

This is it

“And I have to say I was very… impressed”

“I am really sorry sir… what did you just say!” I looked up at him my eyes was beaming in the light

“ I said that I was very impressed and that a Karate master would like you to come to his class this Wednesday to see what you got”

“Really I mean thank you so much and I promise to not hurt anyone again” I jumped up. I went for the door.

“ Faith be careful,” The headmaster said as I left.

Lily and Sam were waiting for me outside.

“ Did you get in trouble on your first day?” Sam asked

“Nope actually I am starting a karate class this Wednesday” I said excitedly

“No way that is the one that Chad goes to apparently he is really good,” Lily explained as she was walking on.

I stopped in my tracks.

“ Its OK Faith you can impress him with your moves then” Sam laughed

What a hectic day it has been.

The End

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