Chapter 3

On Sunday there was a barbecue at Lily’s house. Mum helps Lily’s mum with the food. I think it was to impress her future work mate in the restaurant downtown. Lots of the residents living on the street came. It was really fun. I was handing the salad round when I tripped over someone’s foot. I fell and landed on top of someone.

“Are you ok?” The person from below me asked.

“Yeah” I opened my eyes was beaming straight into the eyes of a gorgeous guy with brown hair shining in the sun. I quickly jumped off and started to collect the brave vegetable, which had lost their battle to reach their plate of hungry giants.

“Let me help you” A soothing voice from behind me. “ My name Chad you must be the new girl who just moved here” he said.

In my mind I felt so stupid all I could say out of my mouth was “Yeah” There are plenty more vocabulary up their in my so called brain.

“ My name is Faith,” I quickly said shyly looking downwards

“Did you move here with you parents?” Chad politely asked.

“ Just my Mum… My dad passed away when I was little” I touched my locket on my necklace trying so hard to fight the tears.

“ Oh I am really sorry to hear that.” He said as we got up. “Your eyes they are blue how’s that”

“It runs in the family” A tear ran down my cheek. Great my hand is full of fallen veggie soldiers to wipe it.

“ Let me get that” Chad wiped my cheek. I was so close to passing out.

When I got to the kitchen I said thanks gave the dead veggies to my mum and grabbed lily by the arm and rushed upstairs. I burst out everything to her. She sat on her chair and was rocking it.

“You got to be carful Faith that’s Francesca boyfriend!” Lily fell backwards.

I thrust out my arms and a force field surrounded her body. I slowly put her to the ground.

“This cant be you’re a… Buts that a legend tell me that I am dreaming… you just didn’t” Lily stuttered.

“Yes. You’re not dreaming and you can’t tell anyone or I will be in deep waters and you will be also.” I said sternly.

“Wait my friend is a… NO WAY! What else can you do” Lily jumped and she picked up a glass of water and threw it at me. I thrust my arms out and stopped the water in mid air and chucked it back into the glass ever so neatly. Lily gasped in astonishment. The door opened and my mum popped her head round. I dropped my hands down like a bullet.

“ Hi mum” I said in a sweet little voice. Lily was smiling next to me holding the glass of water.

“ Come down stairs they are doing a little welcoming ceremony for us” My mum said.

“ Just give us a minute we will be down there soon” I shoved my mum out of the room as politely as possible and closed door. “ Now you have to swear on your life literally not to tell anyone not even a teddy bear or even write it in your diary.” I put my hand out.

“I swear on my life that I wont tell anyone or anything through thick and thin” Lily stuck her hand on it and we both spat on our hands at the same time.

We washed our hands quickly and ran downstairs. After introducing our self’s and having some cake. Lily and I were sitting on the patio drinking some lemonade.

“You know Jake and Chad are in a band called Temptation with Doug Rover and Phillip Smith” Lily explained while sipping some lemonade.

“Really what does he play” I asked

“ Jake is on bass guitar and backing singer. Chad is lead guitar and singer, Doug plays the drums and Phillip plays the keyboard. They are amazing and entering the Battle of the Bands competition in May”

“ That’s awesome. Its getting late I better get going. I’ll see you at seven forty five tomorrow morning for school.” I got up and said goodbye and went home.

The End

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