Chapter 2

Back to the present day. Year 2040. The ending of August. My mum and I were unpacking we moved from a flat to a house I ran straight upstairs and jumped on my bed. The Builders had already put all the furniture in every room. My mum came in.

“I suppose you like your room.”

“You mean love”

It had a lovely blue bed. My desk was in front of the window, which has a wonderful view of the garden. My closet was pinewood with a blue coat. I had a bookshelf to put all my books on.

“I will leave you to put your stuff neatly in the right place then you have to help me with the living room. Kapeashe.”

My mum left my room. I put all my books up and teddy bears away. I put three of my favourite posters up. I went downstairs to finish the packing there. It was 11:30 when we finished. When I finish having my shower I hit the bead like a rock and went to sleep like a log.

The next morning I woke up with the smell of eggs and bacon. Mums cooked up her special. I slowly plodded down the stairs.

“Morning my sleeping lion.” She laughed

My hair was on ends. I looked at her and slumped myself into the chair. We laughed and talked about what we were going to do today in our new town Skyville. I went upstairs to brush my teeth and get change into something more me like. There was a knock on the door. I rushed down stairs to see who it was. When I opened the door there was a girl she was about five foot 4 she was wearing a long pink T-Shirt and was wearing leggings and black and pink converses. Her hair was blonde with pink highlights.

“Hi my name is Lily Smith I live next-door and I am your buddy to your new school Sky High.” The girl said

My mum came to the door, and told her to come in. Mum made some hot chocolate and got some biscuits. I introduced my self and we talked about Skyville and my old town Enfield.

“ I am going to the mall to get new stuff for school do you want to come with me” I asked Lily.

“ Of course! I can show around town as well. I think my mum is at home so you can pop round Amanda.” She said to my mum.

My mum gave me a Kiss on the check and 50 pounds to spend. We got the bus to the mall. When we got there I bought a new school bag and a new pencil case with all the basic equipment for school. As we were walking I stopped in my tracks and gazed so dreamy at the shop window.

“ Don’t tell me you haven’t got a Hover Board!” Lily gasped.

I shocked my head in guiltiness.

“Were going in” Lily dragged me in

We spent half an hour looking for one until I fell in love with one at the back of the store. It was turquoise with a butterfly. I stroked it with passion.

“Who are you?”

I squeaked and jumped back.

“Who’s talking I said” in astonishment.

“ Me silly didn’t you know when you bond with a board I can talk to you and know everything about you and you can only hear me by the way my name is K?”

I spun around and started to panic.

“ That means you know…”

“ Yes I know that you are a blue fire and anyway I wont tell anyone Now please take me” K robotically begged me.

I picked K up and took it to the counter.

“No way man you to K356 man you must have a strong bond with it. You can have it for free man” The manger said

“Ermm thanks dude” I said quickly

While we sat outside drinking milkshakes. Lily almost dropped her milkshake when a guy walked past. I nudged her to bring her back down to reality.

“ How do I look She said quickly” She said as she brushed her hair with her hand really quickly.

“That boy is coming towards us and you look stunning,” I said to her quickly.

“Hey Lily. How are you doing Looking forward to school?” One of the boys said. He was tall wearing a green billabong T-Shirt

“I am good thanks Jake. I can’t believe it is the end of the summer holidays already!” Lily said in a flirty way.

“Hey who is this girl Lily” Jake said looking at me.

“This is Faith Firestone she moved here and will be starting school with us this term” Lily answered

I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. When he left I turned straight at Lily and said

“You fancy that guy Jake don’t you?”

“Yes but keep it a secret I been trying to drop hints for ages but given up” Lily sighed.

“Don’t give up” I comforted her “ He is probably scared to make the move be patient and he will be ready in his own time.”

“ Wow you would be a really good agony aunt” Lily laughed we took the bus home.

The rest of the week Lily took me to the cool places around Skyville it was awesome! 

The End

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