Blue Fire

This is a story about a girl who special powers. For a so-called average teenager there is always going to be problems that she is going to face.
Starting a new school is just one of them. There're lots of people that will help her. Not to forget enemies. The school heartthrob is also there to make things a little bit difficult.


Chapter 1

My life is such a confusing maze. Its full of dead ends and getting lost over and over again. Being an average 14-year-old girl isn't as fun when you are me. Hiding secrets from people and being quite clever for my age, shy, and ever so small for my age. This is just some of obstacles in my life that I have to go through everyday.

My biggest deepest darkest secret of all is something like a birthmark that is always going to be there no matter how I try to get rid of it. In my dads part of the family his ancestors had saved the world from the malicious, obnoxious, cold-hearted man Darious. With the help of his minions they tried to take over the world, as any evil person would do. He was part of a family of which had powers to be used for good. The powers were water, air, fire, earth and darkness. Darious had the power of darkness he was feed up of trying to use his power and got corrupted with evil death and destruction. It was up to the ancestors to stop him. It was a long painful war. We know the story is a happy ending as the ancestors win the war. They banished Darious and his minions and he was locked in a prison capable of holding him and his minions in there for eternity. The ancestors restored the earth after the war ended but had to use Darious power to bring nightfall and a bit of darkness. Their power was passed onto generation to generation.

My dad got the power of fire that means that he could turn his whole body into fire walk through fire also he was very strong. Uncle Chris got the power of air he could fly, turn himself invisible and blow strong winds as powerful as a level eight hurricane. Auntie May had the power of earth she could grow any plant and make them strong and the size of a skyscraper by just thinking, She could read the minds of plants and animals. The youngest of them was auntie Miranda she had the power of water and last underwater for ages, she could make herself invisible and basically make water do anything she want her to do even lift her up and make force fields. Unfortunately she died trying to save a child's live in a flood as she was bringing the child to safety a building fell on top of them. She was only 19 at the time. I have seen pictures of her she looks a bit like me with long dark brown wavy hair, dark blue eyes, dark skin but she was much taller and skinner and so gorgeous.

My Dad fell in love with my Mum at work while he was patrolling in Enfield. It was love at first sight. It was summer 2020. My Mum was going to work she was wearing an elegant colourful maxi dress wearing a gold sandals and her hair was blowing in the wind she was wearing her big sunglasses. When it happened there had just been a robbery in the supermarket next to where she was walking. The robber ran out grabbed her and put a gun to her head.

"I will kill her if anyone moves any closer" He was shaking violently. My Dad jumped to the chance of impressing his damsel in distress. He slowly walked to the agitated man talking to him in a soothing voice. The robber saw that he was getting closer and hurled my mum to the floor and lunged at my dad. My dad grabbed his left hand spun it and pinned him down to the floor.

"Your under arrest sir" My dad puffed putting the cuffs on the man. Then he heard a cheer and clapping from the people who saw the excitement. When the man was taken away he went to my mum and tried to be calm and asked if she was ok. She knew he was nervous so she gave him her number. Soon after that they went on a date their love blossom. They got married in the Caribbean's on a white beach at sunset. A year later I was born. Faith Firestone was bought into the family picture. I got the power of water. They found out pretty soon when they couldn't find me while I was sleeping in my cot that was because I turned my self-invisible while dreaming of water.

The family picture didn't last long when I was 14 months we were in a car accident. My dad was driving when he saw something rush in front of the car he swerved straight into a ditch. The car was on fire my dad got my conscious mum out and laid her on the side of the road away from the fire. He ran back to the car to get me. I woke up to see fire around me. A face blurry was swaying towards me. It open its mouth and its teeth were yellow and like razors. I let out a painful cry, which stunned the creature. Arms pulled me out of the car. They were my fathers arms gentle yet tough. He tried to lay me next to my mum who was slowly waking up when he was yanked away from me and I dropped to the ground. When I opened my eyes again everything was white my mums faced appeared it appeared to be that she had been crying. I couldn't talk properly so I said quietly. "Mummy... Daddy" My mum burst into tears and held me tightly. The car exploded and my dad was in the car he died at the age of 39.



The End

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