A dangerous obsession is developed for a beautiful girl

It was her eyes that caught my attention. Wide, beguiling and innocent, those baby blues seemed to look right into me and unlock something. They took my breath away. So much so that, noticing that she was looking a little confused, I jerked myself out of my trance and tried to focus on the present. 

"Sorry, what was that?"

Her beautifully sculpted lips twisted slightly, whether in annoyance or embarrassment, it was hard to tell. 

"I was saying, could you tell me where the biology block is? I'm a new here."

I flashed her an awkward smile and told her that she'd found it. It turned out that we were due to be in the same lecture. We passed the time in small talk, by which time, I had appreciated her other...assets. 

Her skin was near flawless, save a smattering of freckles across her nose which served to add a curious cuteness to her face. Her hair framed an elegantly featured face and fell long against her back. It was black, with a smattering of dark purple-red along the edges on one side, cut into messy layers that caused her hair to shift slightly every time she moved her head. Her voice was low and sweet, beautifully shy and her figure begged to be stripped and worshipped. Breasts made in a perfect handful, curves to die for and legs that seemed to go on forever. She was dressed in flattering jeans, boots and a band t-shirt that looked far too flimsy to resist. 

Thankfully, the door opened and a class spilled out, chattering and separating us. By the time the corridor cleared, I had managed to compose myself enough to walk into the room after her, though the unconscious gentle sway of her hips nearly drove me over the edge. I don't think a single word of that lecture got through to me, though she deliberately sat away from me, I couldn't help glancing at her every few seconds. 

She listened attentively, taking notes the whole time with a mask of attentive peace on her face. The gentle curve of her neck begged to be traced with kisses. Her hands looked soft and strong. Her lips perfect and inviting. Her curves lush and close to perfection. Her-

My fantasising was again interrupted by a mass of students. This time, they were rising around me. The lecture had clearly finished and my beauty had vanished in my moment of distraction. I hurried out into the corridor, hoping to catch a flash of that purple edged hair but she was nowhere to be seen. 


For the rest of the day, I searched in my other classes for her, rewarded only with snatched glimpses of a curtain of hair. After the day ended, I hung around in the campus bar, nursing a drink for a while in case she happened to appear again, but still, nothing. Frustrated, I returned to my flat, brushing off my flatmate and locking myself in my room.  I just couldn't get her out of my mind. It was like being haunted by the most exquisite apparition. I couldn't settle to anything and took to pacing my room. By the time I had noticed how tired I was, light was touching the sky and I was half-convinced that I had imagined her. 

I prayed I was wrong as I collapsed into exhausted dreams, where I was chasing an elusive voice, sweet and low, coupled with searing blue eyes that seemed to look right into my soul.

That was my first encounter with Aimee Cartier. I knew that I would do anything to make sure that it wasn't my last.

The End

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