The Morning Routine

The morning in question, on the third Monday of September, was a sunny one, with a slight bite to the breeze that suggested colder weather yet to arrive. It was the start of a pleasant enough week, and nothing out of the ordinary, or indeed anyhting that might hint towards the odd occurrences that would unhinge me, happened. I had arose early to gain a headstart on the morning routine, and was about halfway through devouring my breakfast when I was graced by the hoarse voice of my mother.

"Why are you up so early?" she croaked, an edge of bitterness tinting her voice. My mother looks upon me with an expression and impression of a disappointed parent. Praise is a rarity and sarcastic comments are what I have been raised one. Anyone would think I had actually done something to upset her. Anyone who asked her what the issue was with her only child she would probably say me actually existing was enough of a crime to turn even the purest of hearts sour.

I ignored my mother's question, and only gave her a nod to acknowledge that she had spoken. Instead I busied myself with packing the breakfast materials away ( my appetite had been lost upon my mother showing her face) and hurrying up the stairs as fast as my legs could manage.

There was not a doubt in my mind that my father was already at work and that he would return from his job until well after nine o'clock in the evening, which gave me more than enough time after school to get carried into yet another argument with my mother.

My teeth were brushed, my hair was combed and my school uniform was slipped neatly on, and by the time I was ready to depart my mother had already disappeared back into her bedroom. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say, and enjoy the day at school. School to me is a retreat, like a summer camp or a holiday apartment. I can escape the traumas of everyday dysfunctional family life and study so tremendously that I forgot completely about the person I was at home. School was my saviour, and I praise the man/woman who invented it like they were my God.

Off I went, strolling fondly towards my hopes and dreams, my happy times and my smiles, leaving behind the grey smog that I called home, and the terrible beast that lived within. School awaited me, and I awaited it with an eagerness no child could ever match.

The End

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