A tale of whimsy. I welcome comments and suggestions.

The room was quiet, submerged in deep shades of blue, as a haunting breeze drifted in through the open window.  The boy sat alone in the center of the room, staring at objects only he could discern, a pitifully grim look of sadness shone upon his rubbery face.  Every once in a while, his dark lips would stretch, convulsing in hideous contortions.  This was his smile, grotesque though it were, a smile nonetheless.

     Invisible images danced before him, and he too, in his mind, joined in their festive practices.  Acorn gypsies and pumpkin faeries, all were in attendance, dancing before the boy, and he with them.  The shades of blue fled in haste, followed by hues of red and orange and green, as a lamp flickered on, threatening at any moment to allow the blue to, once again, overtake the room.

     The boy withdrew to a corner of the room, as a soft voice called him to dinner.  The invisible images ceased their dancing and a transparent, yet concerned, look came across their faces.

     Suddenly, the room was filled with loud, boisterous music, too loud to be melodious.  The boy withdrew further into his crevice in a corner of the room.  The acorn gypsies and pumpkin faeries began to fade from the boy’s sight.

     Then, as with much strain, the boy opened his eyes.  The room was again submerged in shades of blue.  He had been asleep.  It was all a dream...

The End

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