Through the sky

The silken shoots of sun pierced the eggy cloud and fluffy curtains until it finally fell on Cherry’s face, she sighed, before turning away, allowing the heat to spread through her back, when the alarm went off she smiled, slowly stretching her self up until she was sitting,  her hair fell over her eyes as she stepped into her bathroom.

Her mornings always went in this sloth fashion; she woke with the dawn, allowing herself to pace her preparations.

As she shut her briefcase, hair straight, suit on, food in, the air was still damp with early morn.

“Gonna be early, I’ll walk round the park.”She muttered to herself, locking the door as she stepped out, the sky appearing in cracks above her head.

James didn’t realise someone was there until he heard the nearby stomps of high heels, he quickly shot up, clumsily doing up his shirt, smoothing his hair. What the hell was someone doing up at this time?

Cherry cruised through at a surprising speed; she smelt the sweet aroma of cherry blossoms, her own name sake, just as a wind gushed through the leaves, sending pretty petals dancing down around her.

James was  agog at the woman in front of him, her pale pale skin, milky white, the dark brooding hair so tightly secured, the voluptuous figure, all  encircled by Cherry blossom.




The End

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