Finding Out

Breaking hearts was not an easy job. Unless you were James, he didn’t have many hobbies, he involved himself in just one. Women. He smiled as he walked down the street, the etchings of dawn starting to turn over the dark sky. His shirt was half undone, no matter. The streets were deserted, all the partygoers retreated as the sun appeared, all the families tucked up, awaiting for the mad school run to begin. This amazing time was all his own, no one to watch him, no one to see his face by in it’s discriminating obviousness, no one to rub against it in the darkness, in this light, he could be seen, truly. His full humanity, his possible innocence, was shown in this dainty light, he was fully exposed. How perfect, his innocence appeared when no one saw it. Nobody ever saw what he was. He often thought whether he liked this or not. He enjoyed being a mystery, an enigma. It gave him an attractive air. But it meant there was no one to confide him, he knew him, he’d seen people who had such an understanding of each other, he often wondered what it felt like to be like that. Did you feel invaded? Did you have trust? He slumped on a park bench; it would be another hour before anyone would pass through. He had time. Massaging his head, he thought about everything, taking an overview. He was settling into a pattern, after he woke up, around 7, he’d spend an hour getting ready, then he’d go, pick someone up, and spend time with them seducing them. He enjoyed the ones who took longer, were more of a challenge, though more often than not he could end up with them within the hour, and then be with someone else the next. He had a reputation, but no one paid attention to it, all thought they could be the one, the one he loved.

How stupid.

He smiled as he slid further down the wooden planks. He didn’t believe in love, it was made up, used to give books a nice plot. You could feel strongly for someone, but not the whole thing, there’s someone who you will always want, your always thinking of them, blah blah blah.

No, he didn’t believe in that crap. Not one bit.

He slid further into his seat as the sun finally started rising.

The End

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