Setting Out

Charles shifted in the dark, rolling the thought of Bethany around in his mind. As he contemplated her person, he could feel his heart, swollen with emotion that he repeatedly tried to shelter, to hide away deep within him. It was hard not to feel it, not to think of it, when you were laying isolated in the lonely shadow, especially after seeing her face, a terrible reminder of what was lost and what would never be. Today there was regret, sadness in her eyes behind that smile of hers he had come to adore. What was in her heart? Did she still hold the same love for him as he mantained for her?

It didn't matter any more. She was marrying, and he was leaving. She would morph into Bethany Medley and he would forget the Bethany Harper that was formerly his.

He closed his eyes and only saw her face, feel the tender sweetness in her kiss, and jerked himself awake. He remembered his sister's words, only to shuffle them aside.

It was good they were leaving in the morning. He needed to leave this foresaken place and the people of this town. 


He looked around the house, breathing in the familial smell of the house, the taste of home and all that they have known. In the silence, Charles wondered whether it was right to leave after all.

Amy swept into the room, adorning her finest hat streaming with her loveliest ribbons. She twirled, swirling her traveling cloaks, giggles alighting her eyes. "Are we going dancing or are we traveling?" Charles grinned.

She stopped, hugging the cloaks around her, "Why must you always be serious? Are you not as excited as I? Isn't this exciting?"

He laughed, opening his mouth to form a reply, but instead she took his arm eagerly, "Come, we are wasting daylight! Let us start while the weather is fine!"

"My, can you not stand still for a moment? Are you certain you have all you'll need?"

"Charles, are you trying to postpone our departure?" Amy put her hands on her hips. "You well know I was completely packed the moment we received that letter."

Chuckling, Charles shook his head, "Alright, if you're sure you're ready, I suppose we can set out..."

"Oh, yes, yes, I'm ready!" she cried out, exasperated.

"Miss. Everwood?" he offered his arm with a flourish.

Amy smilingly slipped her prim gloved hand around his elbow, "Mr. Everwood?"

" are certain you're ready?"


He winked at her, "Just making sure."

The End

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