She marched from the room in her furious rage, the door slamming with a staccato bang! Charles sighed heavily, setting himself in the nearest chair. He closed his eyes, massaging his temples as his head now ached wretchedly.

Amy had always been that way - vieled by the rosy, optimistic outlook on everything, glancing upon all with the romantic eye of a passionate, fiery young woman misunderstanding the cold reality behind the curtain of her hazy dreams. Her heart was open - it worried Charles all the time they had grown, shielding her always, protecting her from the agony that someday would inevitibly be inflicted on her tender, naive soul.

Charles, as the two children advanced in age, learned to wear the shoes of a much larger position, act as a man, a father, a guardian, in the stead of their absent father. His maturity far exceeded those of his piers, and he worked endlessly for the safety of his close-knit family. He had sacrified so much in his young life to be there for his sister and his mother......his mind ran across Bethany Harper, how in love he was with her what seemed like so long ago, a fleeting memory of the distant past. Amy knew little of his emotion for the girl, and the pain he had suffered when she abandoned him for another. She wanted to marry him immeaditly. She did not understand that the both of them were far too young to wed, and Charles had vowed that he would not marry in the circumstance he was in at the time. Mother was severely ill then, their family lacking in money, and, with the responsibilty of Amy still upon him, he could not start his own family as she wished. Not immeaditly anyways. His excuses made her somehow come to the reasoning that he did not wish to marry her, or love her at all. Placed in the painful situation of choosing between his lover and his family, he was forced to choose the latter, and lost Beth. Only last week he had heard the news of her engagement to a Mr. Thomas Medley.

But there was nothing to be done about that. He hid away the remnats of his broken heart and mended up a facade of strength when faced with his mother's passing, his sister's despair, and the tight finacial situation squeezing them. It was in this time he received this god-forsaken letter, a father opening their arms to them and offering them a life, a fairytale ending, that you would only find in storybooks.

Charles believed nothing of it. Though there may appear to be good intentions in his words, the man had forgotten his children and their mother no matter how well he endeavored to explain it. The letter angered him, as if everything could be mended and forgotten with a few kind words.

He could not believe it. All of his life he had too looked out the window as his mother had, wishing that their father would return, take the burden off of his shoulders and relieve all their anxieties. But he had not come. 

His sister. What high expectations she now held for the man, dreaming of future days filled with a father's love that had been so lacking in their childhood, filling the gap that had been left by him so long ago, that gap that Charles had struggled so hard to fill. Though he only was frightened of her expectations being too great, her hopes disappointed, her heart being broken.

What if he could turn their lives around? Obviously he was from good wealth and even better society, and for certain they needed the monetary assistance. All this while they had needed his assisance. Perhaps they would be better off under their father's wings, even though Charles hated him for not being there up until this point.

Would he grow to love him as his Father? Could Amy be right?  

The End

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