"I need to be with you."
James Martin ahs said it to so many, but how many does he mean it to? Could the untouchable, tough nut James met his match?

The room was dark, the only source of light from a samll pink candle, trying weakly to push it's tiny flame into a large light.

A murmur came from the left, some turning. Then a Gasp, a sob.

She'd been left alone, even though he'd promised.

He was already on the other side of town, all revealing traces erased. The club was heaving, he sat, soliary, watching the dancing masses, all the girls were theb same, starightened, glossy hair, small figures, but large in key places. Lets try soemthign different tonight.

He downed his glass, before loping to the dance floor, all eyes on him. His hair was cut garcefully above his ears, right to the skin, though som of the hair from above gently brushed against it, dangling. His eyes were pools of midnight holding the two darkest stars. A slightly msucled jaw line, and slender neck, his arms were toned, not too so. Tanned and Lean, the dark blue shirt tight but not too so. He had it all perfected. He scanned the floor, knowing they were all looking.

He'd seen her. Bat like, her hair was wild, each with an individual life, as she jumped wildly, each strand galloped like pure black stallions, standing out against any light, her skin ahd been chalked, though most of it seemed natrual, with purple lips and Amber eyes, gleaming, light bouncing and enlgihtening them, her limbs were pure white, very thin, she was msotly thin.

He advanced towards her, she saw, but tried to ignore him, and ignore the daggers she was receiving.

" Hey." The one syllable was oozed with charm and honey soaked voice.

The girl trembled, she knew him, everyone did, she knew what he got up to. but...

"Hi." She replied, all her strength in forming that one normal word.

" Tell me something: Will you still be here in the morning?"


"Gorgeus girls like you don't usually hang around after they've got someone."

",Me? You're kidding."

"No, I',m not." He stared with all his force into ehr eyes, she wnated to melt.

" I'd hang aroudn with someone like you." She giggled. " I'm Bethany."

" James."

They shared a smile, motuhs widening.

later that even, both mouths were involved in some serious contact.

"I love you, I need to ve with you," James murmrued inbetween contact.

Bethany Didn't reply,. she concentrated on him and only him.

The End

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