We see, we feel, we hear...

Ten minutes had past and our little priest had been just sitting there. The emptiness around him felt warm, and gave him chills.

" So, you're the one they sent. I'd expect more of a threat, but it was only you. " She steps out of the shadows, about 5"1, short for her age. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun. She wears a long crimson slit dress, and some jeans underneath. Her arms are folded lazily over her chest as she sat down on the edge of the table.

"Are you the spirit that haunts this house?" He asks his fist clenched against the crucifix.

She pauses for a moment, thinking. Seemingly deciding on what to tell him. " Sure, yea," another pause." you could say that. I'm not the only one though. Now you got what you wanted leave."

" What is your reason for being here, what is your name."

"What, now we're playing detective? Alright, alright I'm cool with that. Yeap, whatever."

'I seem to have found a weak spot. Let's push it further.' He thinks rubbing his back against the chair. He feels a little more comfortable now. He can do this.

" My reason for being here, this is MY  house. My name, hm. Cadapech, there ya go. "

" You've been dead for how many years?"

" What the hell is that suppose to mean?! Ugh, no matter. Um. None, or maybe three million. No no, let's say none. Yea, for your sake. " She narrows her eyes at him. Who was he to mess into her personal business. Honestly, doesn't he have things to do. Then again, she expected this, but she didn't expect him to be so ...well rude.

"I see, I've heard complaints from the villagers nearby that people have gone missing around here, is this your doing?"

Cadapech gave him the most insulted look she had ever given anyone, then threw back her head to laugh. Putting on a southern accent to mock him, she adds playfully." Lot o' people get lost in the woods mister."

" Yes, but not this many at once."

Gently she sits herself on the table and smiles. " Oh love, getting all upset won't solve anything.  She leaned down and placed a hand on his cheek smiling maliciously. This man was fun entertainement indeed. She wondered how many heart strings she could pull before he completely gave in. Then she remembered how young she must have looked to him. Oh, the human body is such a cruel thing.

Meanwhile they are listening in. Some in the floor, others standing around the rooms. Making shelters of the shadows, and of the vents.

The End

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