Twas his job, was it not?

Date: Apr 28

Year: Unknown

"HOW!" His knuckles bang against the door frame as he awaits permission to enter the run down building. There is no reply. ' How did I get wrapped up in doing this, but I suppose the villagers trust me....' His mind tries to piece together his reason for saying yes, besides the fact that it was his duty. He could have easily gotten one of his servants to do it. " Is this your way of testing me, oh lord? "

The door slides open revealing a mess of cobwebs. Inside he went checking to see who had opened the door, no one was there. As expected. He walks further, the vile of holy water gently clicking against his belt, his bible clutched in the other hand. The man trots towards the next doorway, watching the portraits hanging on the wall through the corner of his eye. With each step they became more distorted by the time he reached the door they were just a jumble of colors. Not too bright though.

" It seems there's a demonic aura  surrounding this door." He says, reaching into his pouch he grabs a hold of the small bottle. He uncaps the plug with a small pop. The front door slams shut. Quickly he sprays the door with the holy water, and watches in horror as the door sizzles. A small moan can be heard before a picture beside him falls violently to the floor.

" OW! JERK! What the bloody heck was that for?" Another picture falls. And an infant wailing can be heard.

" Look, ye woke up the babies!" A mother, perhaps a maid?

Astonished he takes a step back, his foot sinking into the rugged floor. It was unusually comfortable, wasn't this floor hardwood when he first entered. " By the power of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, I command you to leave this house alone!" More water throwing.

" OW OW OW! Stop it already! " The voice cries. Thankfully the man shuts up and slowly the doors open. " Get in here."

He moves without thinking, only obeying. Around half a meter in candles light a pathway to another door. Oh goodie, more walking, and more pictures. This time as he proceeds the pictures begin to scowl and morph into disfigured creatures, all of them staring through pools of darkness. Finally he reaches the next door and walks into a room. Inside, another candle sits on a lone table with a chair. He stands idle debating on whether or not he should actually sit down, for fear of being hypnotized by this satanic being.

" Sit, now. " It was an order, and he obeyed.

The End

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