Bloody Rose Mansion

This is basically a diagram of the bloody rose mansion. Not too descriptive, just what's in the area.

Welcome to the Bloody Rose Mansion. There is tones of vacancy at this estate. It is large and surrounded by forest, through there is a large field in front of the house that's mostly just long dead grass. In the back you will find a town, there is a bank and fire station, hospital, grocery store, drug store, police station. The usual. More things will be mention. There is even a theme park. Though if you look closely you'll find that everything is abandoned.

Keep going straight and there is a beach. Turn to the west and there will be forest then another field ending in a high cliff. Go to the east and the forest is dead and rotting, and there are some not so friendly creatures there. In the middle of that forest in a group of dead tree's we suggest you stay clear of those.

Turning south you will  arrive back at the mansion, not before the field in the forest you are required to go across a river. The bridge is definatley not capable of holding any weight. Yet on some days, it shall giving you access to the mansion. Though on the days it fails, your body shall be swept away, but you won't die. No you'll wake up back where you once were before ever entering the area.

The End

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