Bloody Rose Mansion

Caroline, the queen bee of her school has bought a new mansion. Her and her little brothers Jimmy , Claude and Tom, her older brother Jack, her cousin Jenna and her step-sister Lia. All share the mansion. Caroline automatically takes control of the mansion. Assuming everything is hers. But what she doesn't know is. The mansion belongs to someone else. It belongs to Anite. And this house is her play house. So come and play with her. In her Bloody Rose Mansion.

The bloody rose mansion….

Ch 1: The thirst for blood... p.1


----------- Ani’s POV ------------------

Caroline slid her desk over to the center of the room folding paper towels and hanging them on the rack. She picked up the sharp tipped knife and gently spun it in her hands before sighing and placing it on the desk in frustration. Then she sliced along her finger drawing a small amount of crimson liquid that fell onto the small table.

“I know you’re in here.” She called to an ominous being lurking in the obscurity. I stay still and well hidden in the shadows so she tried again. “Come on out. You want to get blood right? I’m giving it to you.”


I held my little doll close and walked out of the shadows before staring at her with a small pout on my lips.


“I don’t want your blood.” I say.


“Then who’s blood do you want?” She asks a bit annoyed.


“Your brothers.”  I turn towards the door. “ Now I’m going. Miyoki wants to play.” I slide over to the door and hum a small sad tune before walking through it. She calls after me but I am too concerned with feeding Miyoki to bother to check. Miyoki slides her hand into her mouth gently nibbling on it and mumbling something too muffled for me to hear.  Then takes it out and lets it fall to her side resting against my arm.


“Ani. What am I going to eat?”  Miyoki cries her dark crimson eyes focussing on the corridor ahead.


“We are going to play Miyoki. It’s time to say hello to our new visitors. Caroline does not have to worry about going insane any longer.” I say running my fingers through my dolls raven hair. A small thudding noise comes from behind me so I turn my head to the side to look back. Nothing is there. Only the dim lights on the hall that make two straight lines parallel to each other and shine down into the darkness. I ignore it and walk down into the hallway. ‘Time to get Miyoki some food.’ I think going through my self portrait.


------------- Caroline’s POV ------------------


This was it. I was going to prove myself that I was sane. The best way for me to do that is to let her drink my blood. Who. Anite. She had been torturing me for the past week since I moved into this mansion. Well affordable except the backyard was sealed off. No one seemed to notice her except me. But all that was soon going to change, I could feel it. I set a desk that had been sitting in the corner of the room into the middle of it then placed some towels on a rack the hung on the back of the door. In case Anite or Ani as I like to call her was a messy drinker. I picked up the knife and spun it around in my hands. The only thing that troubled me was how I knew what her name was. She had never told me let alone talks to me. She would just re-arrange the items in my room and stare blankly from a corner at me when I would read. She never said much. She always wore a white Lolita dress and nothing more. It seemed to me like she was just in a dream never really awake always in a straight stare. Well my theory of her wanting blood is that she seemed to appear, every time I would cut myself enough to draw some.


 A small amount would make her sit into the corner and stare at me for hours. Until I would conceal the open cut into a band aid. But why did she choose my blood. Of all the choices she had. And only me what about my brothers or my mother or the rest of my pathetic family that sits here and does nothing.  This thinking is driving me mad and I slam my knife against the wooden desk.


“I know you’re in here.” I say peering into the darkness on the other side of the room. No response. She must be hiding. “Come on out. You want to get blood right? I’m giving it to you.”


She walked out of the darkness holding a small doll in her arms. It looked exactly like her except its eyes…..they were not brown they were a light red. And they just stare at you not doing anything. Like it’s watching your every move. I suppose in a way its right but I don’t want to think about that. I lift my head up to Anite’s face.  She was pouting and yet her eyes. They were lifeless. Much different than the dolls, her eyes had no feeling to them what so ever.


“I don’t want your blood.” She says in soft and fragile voice.


“Then who’s blood do you want?” I say a bit annoyed. I offer to give her my blood and she refuses. What is this all about? Why does she refuse, I thought she would be glad.


“Your brothers.” She turns towards the door turning her back to me. “Now I’m going. Miyoki wants to play.” She slowly walked through the door and into the hall


Who was she talking about? What a weird child. Maybe I should follow her, to see where she was going. I opened the door and snuck into the hallway staring at her. Though it seems a nail was sticking out on the floor and my toe got caught making me fall. Luckily for me the bang wasn’t loud and I hid behind the entrance to a room when she looked back. She turned her head then scanned around before turning it back again and walking then completely vanishing out of sight.


That girl is not normal for a ghost. She is different. How? I am unable to put my finger on it; there is just something about her. The way she moves or possibly the way she acts.

The End

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