Bloody PursuitsMature

Now I would like to explain to you the plot before you read because it's a very short piece of work. It takes place in a barn. There are two brothers, one is alive and the other is dead. Their names are Aeron and Celyn. Celyn is dead, just FYI. Aeron is in love with his brother. This story is about Aeron's unrequited love for his brother and how that lead him to killing his brother and also using him for sexual pleasure as well. Warning: Necrophilia, Cannibalism, Incest and Homoerotica.

Warning: Necrophilia, Incest, Cannibalism, and Homoerotica.

Beads of sweat drip down Aeron's back as he drags the grain sack into the barn. His breath is heavy and thick and he wipes a filthy hand against his already dripping forehand. His legs are pulsating with pain. Silently he curses his own feebleness. The hay makes fairly good resting spot for him. The setting sun slips its golden fingertips into the window to wish him a good night, but they both knew that would not happen. After all why should he deserve one he couldn't?

Aeron knows he has to act quickly lest his time run out and he be discovered. His hands begin to tremble in not fear but anticipation as opens up the sack of grain. Grinning wildly he reaches in knowing what he would find would certainly not be grain or anything of the like. “Feels cold," he breaths softly. "Well it has been that long since..." his voice trails off and his eyes focus on what's nestled inside the sack. His eyes are staring back at him. "Hello there, my little darling." he extracts it completely from its encasing and lays it out on the floor. Rising a little Aeron, walks over and lifts up a trap and pulls out a rather average sized black box. There are silver latches that are keeping it shut. Aeron carries it over and sets it down near the sack. Nervously he opens the box, his eyes flitting back and forth between the his work, the sack, the window and the opening of the barn hoping no one would come and disturb him.

Inside the box are scalpels, bone saws, and bone drills. In his haste he grabs a scalpel and begins looks over. "I can't wait to taste you again." he laughs, his voice low and hoarse. He's never been quite talkative. However in his mind, his inner, deeper voice has been speaking to him the whole time. "Brother," he moans. "I can't wait to feel you inside me again." He lifts up his brother's body in his arms. His arms have been removed, stripped of their meat, and the bones boiled for stock.

"You're so beautiful." Aeron speaks lovingly to the soulless corpse that was once his older brother. He had been stripped of his clothing and bound up by ropes. His arms were skillfully bound behind his back and his ankles were bound together as well. Even in death, his brother was still his to control. Even now, tears still were still shed for him. "Why, why do I have to exhibit such weakness in front of you?" His brother had always managed to make him feel inferior in some way. His kindness, his unconscious over-protectiveness made him sick. Why did he have to be treated like a child? Even now...even now, with his brother tied up and dead, Aeron felt that he was the one fettered down.

"Stop looking at me like that," he groans, throwing the scalpel down. Angrily he pulls the rope off his brother's ankles and tosses it on the floor. He unbuckles his pants and pulls them down to his mid-thigh. "I'll show you who's in control. I'll show you!!" roughly he grabs his brother's ankles and thrusts apart his legs. "You're dipping wet. I have no clue you could keep it in you." His brother's body moves compliantly with his movements. Aeron pushes his erection against his brother's bare buttocks. "Doesn't that feel good, Celyn?" Aeron spits into his hand and presses against his brother's opening. The dead flesh around his fingers is cold, clammy and oddly arousing. He could feel his cum left over from the last time. "What a pain, I thought I cleaned it all out," he sighs. "Doesn't matter anyway." he coats his length with his saliva pushes it in. As he expects the body of his brother makes no response.

Even without one, everything felt so real. In this barn, the stagnant air weighing on his lungs. The smell of death and sex is in the air. Even in these conditions Aeron only wants more. His bends down and kisses his brother. "Am I getting the right spot? You always told me I never got it quite right." He pants heavily as he thrusts into him. His brother's body trembles, and with no resistance from him, Celyn's head is slammed against the ground over and over again. Still even with the sight the dry blood caked on his arms, the bacteria growing in his brother's mouth, Aeron slides his tongue in, licking in the insides of his mouth. "I'm in charge, you hear. You always tried to protect me. I didn't need you to. I wanted to protect you, but you never let me. You said it hurt your pride. Where's it now brother? Is it rotting alongside you? I can't see it!" his voice grows louder and louder. "Ever since that first night, the one where I crept into your bed and kissed you, I knew I loved you. You told me never to speak of it again, that it was sinful. You said you'd always be my brother though. I knew then that if I couldn't capture your heart in life, I would enslave you in death. That's what I'm doing now." He pierces into him deeper, harder, and crueler than before.

"I love you," his voice softens, grows weak and childlike. "Brother, brother! I'm coming brother, I'm coming!" tears stream down his face, but now he's too weak to wipe them away. "I wanted you to do it to me. I wanted to be yours. Love me brother, love me," he cries. He grabs the scalpel and cuts the skin of his brother's chest. He fillets it open. He grabs a bone saw from the box a pulls his heart out. It's in his hands; his brother's heart. Unable to resist his sinks his teeth deep into the muscle. The taste is like no other. He's still inside of him. His mind elsewhere, preoccupied by the taste of his brother's heart, he ejaculates into him, his body shaking with ultimate pleasure. "I love you..."

The End

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