The moonlight glimmered on her soft blonde locks while her eyes glinted in anticipation at the idea of a first kill. But who and where? She sighed heavily, no body about at this hour. The only people about at 3 am are the lonely drunkards, drowning their pitiful sorrows with no family or real life to live. How fun! She thought whilst stalking off to find her next meal.

As she finally arrived at The Maypole, a hot spot known to vampires and blood-thirsty creatures alike rife with middle-aged Destitute men, all ripe for the picking. The only problem she had was which one to chose? The older man who had just lost his wife? No she thought, too tragic. The aggressive gentleman who had just started a fight? The smell of first blood suddenly became too much for her, it would have to be him. He had blood on him and now there was no choosing, her meal had been picked, no matter who he was.

She whisked off to a perfect hiding spot, good to see the fight yet away from the blood. This was it! The perfect moment, just inches away from her, the fight was over the aggressive gentleman was no longer angry and violent, more down in the dumps and bitter from losing his fight. ‘Come with me' she said sullenly, she walked away and he followed tentatively, hesitant even just to follow. ‘If you're going to try and make me feel better you can't! You might as well just kill me!' he slurred sorely, in turn she replied ‘Gladly' and bit down on the wrinkled skin from which he yelped and squealed in vicious pain.

As she began to draw the blood and drink the very nectar that is life, pulsating rapidly through his veins, he began to slump yet he was smiling for some strange reason she hadn't been able to comprehend. But the reason for his joyful smile was that he was going, going to find his son, his wife and his mother, from now he knew this would be the moment, he'd get to the gates of heaven and finally hold his newborn son, cradled softly in his ever-longing arms that would long for him no more. ‘Thank you' he whispered softly just before he'd died   

Satisfied enough that he was gone and she was fed, she drew up from the floor to leave him there, he would be found in the morning cold and gone. An unexplained death would be in the cards or maybe he'd died of alcohol poisoning, time would tell for him.


The End

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