Blood-Stained SnowmenMature

The rest of the day passed without incident,  George just made his way about as normal, just plodding along, talking to his neighbours and shopkeepers, displaying his kind manner which had made him a friend of so many. The next couple of days
followed a similar pattern, until the night before he was due to see his family. George lay in his bed that night, thinking of his grandchildren, and the look on their smiling faces when he brought in chocolate, and the looks on their parents faces as they thought of the chaos and mess it would cause, as he
slowly drifted off to sleep. As he slept Mother Nature chose not to be so restful, and within a few hours it was snowing, and the streets were lined with inches and inches of snow. Winter had finally arrived.

 George awoke, noticing before he opened his eyes that his room was far brighter than usual, had someone opened the curtains? Had he left the lamp on? Opening his eyes he realised what had caused the problem, he hadn’t drawn his curtains before falling asleep, and now could see the still falling snow going past his window.

“Argghhhh” he groaned,stretching and sitting up in his bed as he did so. And then, it was again back to his daily routine, up until he left the house. Knowing he was going to go to his son’s house he stopped for a few minutes, trying to think what best route to take, given the snow, and soon settled on going through a nearby park, which
exited only a few streets away from his destination-And so he was off, looking forward to a lovely day with his family.

The End

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