Human EncounterMature

She had been running for hours now, but the sight of humans made her freeze up.

She was so hungry, yet she tried to restraint herself as she passed them. unfortunetly, one of them saw her eyes. The man pull out a crossbow and fire, but she was quicker, and she came around him and snapped his neck. Cassandra had never killed a human, and she was very temped to bite him, but she didn't. The humans didn't deserve to die, vampires did...right?

Cassandra erased that thought and kept running until she came upon a small village. The town was quiet, and with few people around, she would be able to sneak into a house for the night, hopefully without getting caught.

No one greeted her as they past by, but gave her a small nod before going on there way, and soon she was in front of a church. Dispite what most said, Cassandra was fond of churches, always drawn in by there beauty.

As she entered the church though, she failed to remember she was no longer sheilding her eyes, and the priest was the first to see them.

"Monster! How dare you enter!" he shouted.

Cassandra backed away,  although she was stonger then he was, she was still frightened by the man.  Suddenly she was grabbed by behind, but she got out their gripp and kicked them into a wall, and turning around, saw that she was surrounded. She knew she could kill them all, the whole town had cornered her in, yet she refused.

"Please...just let me stay here for one night, then I will leave and you will never hear from me again."

"Why," the priest said "Should we help you?"

"Because the entire race is against me. My father is the leader, but he killed my  mother, and I have been in exile for almost 6 years now because I killed one of my own."

"One of your own?" He asked curiously. She had gained his trust, almost anyway.

"I kill my own kind because we deserve to die, not humans."

The poepe that had gathered no longer shouted, but listened, intreged by what the vampire girl was saying.

"I'm diffrent then those of my kind, I don't even look the same, but I am a  much better fighter then any of them will ever be."

All was quiet in the church, until a litle girl came over and tugged at her dress lightly, "Can you protect us from the wolfs?"


The priest answered her quetion, "This village is always surround by the Werewolfs, and since you hae gained my trust with your story and your kindness as to not kill us, I will ask if you could help us."

Thoughts ran through her mind, If she stayed, she would have the villages protection and santuary as long as she keep them safe, but the vampires may come after her and she knew this, still, she could feed off the werewolf blood, so she would be no trouble.

"All right, I'll do as you wish." and with that, the crowd exploded into cheers of joy.


Over at the house of vampires, Her father was red with anger, and sent out a search party from his daughter. He hated her, yet he also feared her wrath, for she was more powerful then him, and even some of the elders. Her fighting skills were flawless and beautiful when she had a weapon, and even with her bare hands she was a formitable foe. He wantd her alive though, because he want her to feel the same amount of pain that he had, when he realized that she was the last hope, if they were to quietly exsit with the humans, not him. She looked like an angel, and didn't kill humans, because by her words, they were not the monster, but she and everyone like her was. And it made him sick realizing she was right

The End

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