A Bloody Family ReunionMature

*6 years later*

Hidden by the thicket, was the house of the royal vampire bloodline. The current Queen  and King were the only occupents, and they had a daughter named Claira and she was an only child.

Or so she beileved. You see, the Queen had not told her that she was the second daughter and wasn't sopposed to take the title until after her older sister, Cassandra stepped down. But Cassandra was an outcast, so she was disowned from the family.

The queen knew she should have agreed to banish her from the house, but in her heart, she wished nothing of the sort. No matter what Cassandra did, she would always be important to the queen. She had not seen her daughter for almost six years, until one night, when she was awoken from a light tap at her window.

"Mother? Are you there?"

Quickly, the queen got up from her bed and open the window, letting the night breeze fill the room, and standing on the sill, was a young woman with moon colored hair and red demon eyes.

The girl smiled and hugged her mother, who intern told her how much she missed her.

"Are you coming back?" asked her mother.

Cassandra nodded her head sadly, "I can't do such a thing. I'm a danger to everyone, and you know it."

"But  Cassandra...maybe I could work something out with your father.."

Casssandra's eyes seemed to glow at th mention of her father. He was the one who wanted to banish her. To him, she was a vermon.

"It's not going to work mother, trust me. He hated me the moment he heard of what I did."

The queen tried to protest, but Cassandra knew him too well, "I killed one of our own and ripped him to peices, and what's worse is that I actually enjoyed killing that man."

Neither could say anything else, so Cassandra got to the sill again, and was about to leave, when a sudden scream was heard.

She turned to see her mother dying on the floor, with a spike stuck in her chest, and her father and his guards in the door way.

Cassandra pulled out her sword and aimed it at him, anger flashing in her eyes.

"You worthless bastard."

He said nothing and the guards started to advance, so she jumped out the window and fell into the river below, and swam to safety, hearing her mother screams in her ears.

She knew one thing now, and that she had started a battle with her against the whole vampire race. Luckily, she was ready.

Ready to fight a war bigger then she was. 

The End

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