Blood-Stained NightsMature

Cassandra is not your average vampire princess.
She slays her own people and feeds off them instead of humans, but she has a high price on her head now, and she will need every skill she has to make it out of this alive.


The moon shined like a becon in the cloudless night, filling the air with a calm sirenity.

But in the distance screams could be heard, breaking the  once dominate peace. It was in a village nearby, where a young woman was running for her life. She could still taste the blood of her kin on her lips, and knew that she would be shunned for her actions. She had sucked the blood of her own kind, and that was forbidden unless the one bitten and the feeder were lovers. But she had been so hungry, and she didn't want to disturb the humans. But unfortunetly, she left a bloody mess in her wake. She had gone into a minor frenzy and ripped his body to peices and crushed his heart with a spike

There was a crowd now, with lit torches and  wooden stakes, but did they honestly think they could kill her with those things? Ha!

She made it to the border and jumped the fence, vanishing into the night, leaving the villiage behind. Yet through her escape, she couldn't forget her victims words as he laid dying before her.

Cassandra...what are you princess? and why for the love of god are you killing us?...

She shoved it out of her mind and kept running, the moon makeing her silver hair glisen in the darkness, toward her new found freedom.

The End

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