Bloodstained Lavender

The scent of lavender was overpowering as Jordan wandered through her garden. But, of all of the strange and eerie things that had happened that month, Jordan wondered when she had even planted lavender. Her eyebrows knit together as she questioned her senses, and perhaps it was just the loss of her mother that impaired her judgment. Too much to think about. A dog in the distance howled, and she glanced up at the moon. “Beautiful,” she thought, breathing inward and taking in the smell of her mother’s favourite flowers.

“I know,” a harsh, gruff voice replied, making her jump a foot in the air.

“Who are you?” she snapped, whirring back and forth to see the speaker.

“Not now,” his voice said, pressing a finger to her lips. The obscurity made it impossible to see him, but she had a vague feeling she recognized the voice from court the week precedent. His voice sounded just like…she gasped as he sneered devilishly.

“You…” she began, stepping backwards, attempting to get away.

He just chortled and rocked on his heels. “Took you long enough,” he muttered.

“Not guilty,” the judge’s voice echoed in her head, resonating terror from her head through her toes again.

She couldn’t believe it the first time, but hearing it again and again, haunting her during the day and in her sleep, she just couldn’t take it.

Jordan’s breath was cut to sharp rasps, fear raking through her body and clawing at her heart, as she stood face-to-face with the man that had stabbed her mother to death; and he was grinning smugly.

The world was not fair. She constantly had to remind herself of such horrendous factors every day when she woke up and turned over, sadly realizing the truth daily. Her heart pounded in her chest as she stared into the jeering face of the murderer, or as she so believed.

The darkness completely clouded her vision, so it made it impossible for her to see as the man pulled out a gun. He smiled, pointing it directly at her palpitating heart, accelerating faster by the second. He fingered the trigger before she even knew what was happening, and only realized it when it became too late. The sound of the gunshot pierced the night air, sending her falling to the ground.

“Kane,” she breathed softly, hitting the lavender below her with a THUD!

He nodded, recognizing his name, and placing the gun in her hand. “Nice knowing ya, sis,” he snarled, walking away and hopping over the fence.  This would be ruled as a suicide.

And if they had any sneaking suspicions of any kind, well, he would be in Canada by then.

The End

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