She jumped as the dungeon door groaned in protest as the it was pushed open.  A young man walked in, he wore thin silver armor and a shining helmet to match.  He took the helmet off and a chill went down her spine when she realized his intentions.  Quickly, she scrambled back as far as possible, pushing her body up against the dirty wall.  She wished she had more room, but she knew even then that her efforts would be for naught.

Because a chain was clasped tightly around her ankle and was pinned to the ground by a rusty stake.  He took her roughly by her wrist. "Be calm my little virgin," he muttered softly, Italian accent heavy, as his hand ventured up her shirt.  "I'll be as gental as possible."  She thrashed around violently, as if she was having a segure, trying to escape his grip.

Trying to rid her pants of his rough hands.  But the fact that she hadn't eaten in days had dimmed her already slim chances of success.  And as he removed the clothing from his lower body she gave up.  There was a sound, like metal scraping upon metal.  "Pull up your pants Berardo."  Another young man hissed as he pushed his sword against the back of Berardo's neck.

"Okay, okay Eraldo.  I will, just yield."  Berardo said.  But Eraldo kept his sword leveled for attack.  "Do as I say."

"No, you do as I say and do it now."  Eraldo demanded.  When Berardo looked back he saw that Eraldo did not wear the same silver armor, he was no longer part of his family.  For he now wore the armor of the rival family, which the girl currently in custody is from.  The armor was blood red with a golden trim.

"How could you wear the armor of our enemy?"  Berardo roared. 

"Because your family is full of lies and rapist!  The family I now belong to is one of honesty and love."  Eraldo explained.  "I'm sorry that you can't be part of it." 

"Traitor!"  Berardo roared and grabbed a sword and angrily swung it.  Forcing Eraldo back.  Berardo was about to thrust his sword into the female.  Eraldo caught his barings and kicked Berardo hard in the ribs, knocking him away. 

Berardo caught him-self and rolled to his feet.  He pulled out a dagger and charged.  Eraldo swiped at Berardo with his sword, Berardo ducked and tackled Eraldo.  There was a struggle, Eraldo pulled out a dagger and drove it into Berardo's shoulder.  With a shout Berardo knocked Eraldo away, grabbed a sword and quickly brought it down.

Attempting to end Eraldo for good.  The shining silver sword shattered on contact with Eraldo's skin.  The shards imbeded them-selves in Berardo's body.  With the death of his old comrad Eraldo caught his body and did a cross gesture around his body as well as Berardo's.  He released the girl from her chains and led her to safety.

The End

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