Chapter Two - A First sightMature

The halls were alive with the smell of innocence –blood, and innocence. In all his years, Killian Knight had never thought he would see the day he stepped foot inside a high school. Yet, here he is. Weaving and pushing through a sea of tempting humans. Each one clueless as to whom, or what was among them. Finally there was a sudden shift in the pull of the students, like a wave settling after a roaring storm. And in an instance, all at once, the halls emptied and he was alone. It didn’t take long after that for him to find what he had been searching for, a certain room he persuaded the receptionist to give up. But when he arrived he was disappointed to find that the girl was not there, her parents had pulled her from school a period earlier for personal reasons.

               Killian’s smile was short lived and tight. Leave it to him to finally work up the courage to come and see her in an attempt to push past all this anticipation, only for him to show up a class period too late. “Can I help you?” A woman’s voice broke through his train of thoughts. “Are you new?”

               Turning around he was met with a curious smile. The girl herself, taller than he liked, with sea blue eyes and a smell that reminded him of tanning beds and cheap perfume. She was very pretty, he admitted but, not in the sense of naturally beauty. He could tell just by looking at her that he was affecting her. Her eyes held a flirtatious manor about them, and her body was reacting to the pull of his natural predatory charms. If he had so desired he could easily take her in any way he liked, humans were weak. Obedient, willing, and weak. “I had been looking for Rielle but, as I can see she is not here.”

               “Oh, yeah. Her parents bailed her out for some family thing tonight.” The girl said, rolling her eyes as if she found the idea annoying. “But what were you wanting her for anyways? Rielle doesn’t scream a good time in the sense of what you’re looking for.”

               “And in what sense would that be?”

               The girl flipped her short auburn hair back behind her ears, and took a step closer. Her sea blue eyes boring into Killian with an animalistic desire, and it didn’t take long before she had closed in on him. “Well,” she said, her voice soft and inviting. And with her right hand, she reached up, and began tracing the material along his chest. Her motions growing bolder with each passing second he allowed her touch. “I could show you what I mean.”

               Killian stared down and this girl, and weighed her offer. It had been sometime since he had tasted the full pleasures of a human, he thought. And in a motion, too quick for the human’s girls eyes to catch. Killian’s hand was on her neck, his fingers carefully stroking the soft spot under her chin where the blood flows easiest, and in light of his touch, the human girls pulse began to race. Her hand that had once been tracing a spot along his chest, was now against his own neck, pulling and tempting him closer to her. “Yes, that’s it.” She urged him further. Her voice full of lust and desire. “Take me.”

               “I shouldn’t.” The Prince’s words were jagged, and strained. His gums were aching for release but, if he allowed himself to have her, how would he be able to stop? Like a flame at the end of a dark hall, a voice emerged from somewhere in the distance. And with a heavy sign, Killian released her. “Go.”

The End

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