She lay still. She lay silent. She did not move. Not one inch. Not one centimeter. Not even a millimeter. She was deathly pale. She was cold as ice. And yet somehow she did not seem dead. Anyone who had seen a corpse would tell you that this girl was not one. And yet all the signs said she was. She had been that way for days. Nearly a week now. 

But then. Under the pale glow of the full moon, the statue began to stir. She did not breath. Her limbs did not move. But her eyes snapped open, a terrifying bloody red. Her full lips parted and a gust of air was sucked down her throat. She did not need the air, but it was simply reflex. 

Through those ruby eyes, everything seemed to have a red tint, and all she could feel was the burn of her thirst, eating away at her. She leaped to her feet in under a second, her movements a blur to the naked human eye, and smashed through the window.

An innocent human girl happened to be passing by at that moment. She looked up and saw the crimson eyed beast flying toward her. A scream tore from her lips. She tried to run. It was futile. She was caught in seconds. Fangs sunk into her neck. Her eyes went glassy after only a few minutes.

The beast made a noise of disgust and threw the limp body away, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She shot down the street and there, sure enough was another human, his heart beating wetly, his pace wobbly. He was drunk. Perfect. He didn't see her until it was too late. Until he had but seconds before her lips were on his jugular and she began to suck out his lifeblood. He lasted a little longer than the girl, but was still expended far too quickly for the beast's liking. She shot through the city, having to kill five more times before she felt full. 

Finally the red tinge faded. She was in control again. And she looked back on the massacre. For an instant, remorse glowed in her eyes. And then, just as suddenly as it had come, it disappeared and she was a beast again. She ran as fast as she could away from there. Humans could not find out about her. 

The End

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