Chapter Two- NowMature

I still remember his smile after my summoning, it was sexy and seductive. And I wanted to smack it right off his face!  Oh Romeo, Romeo, why can’t you just go away! “You’re such an ass!” I yelled at him.

“Come now, it was just a bit of fun.” He laughed along with himself. Then coughed, and adjusted his tie. “Alright Jaffrey, you may release her.”

The second he did, I fell to the ground in exhaustion My hands and feet pulsing with pain as my skin was rubbed raw from the shackles. “How did you find me?” I brought myself to ask.

“Rielle, my love,” He smiled, turned around, and began walking to the door. “You never were lost to me, just not needed to be found until yet. Now hurry and clean up, we have business to discuss.” Liam took another step, and another and then stopped. "Come cousin." he added before vanishing from the doorway.

The man with the scar stepped back into the light once more then, his scar highlighted under the light. A dull blade still in hand, he brought the tip to the floor and knelt in front of me. There was a long drawn out breath from him and then he leaned further into the light. His face inches from mine. "I'll see you real soon," he said and a smile slipped across his lips. The only thought in my mind, an image of the dagger he left behind as he went to follow Liam. What did I do to deserve something like this?

Hours later, I was ushered to a room by a man much older than I would have expected Liam to keep around. He was short and stout, and smelled like a nursing home. As we came upon the door, he opened it, and slammed it behind me without saying a word. Once inside, I was taken aback by its ceilings. Carved out of dark solid wood, it made even the smallest of sounds pronounced. “Ah, my Juliet!” Liam’s voice had bellowed through the room.

I winced, and covered my ears. “Liam do you have to yell?”

After walking further into the room, I found him placed at the head of a table. The table itself, more dominant than needed for a room such as this but, when it came to Liam, nothing was worth having unless overdramatic. “Come,” He said. At the same time, he drew out his hand, motioning for me to come closer. As I did, I noticed we were alone. “I saved you a seat, my love.”

“How thoughtful,” I said, and took a seat. Rolling my eyes the moment I saw fit. I would rather be sitting elsewhere.

There was an awkward pause after that. Starring out across the table, I found enough food for a feast, though only I was able to eat. When I turned back, our eyes met, and I shivered at the sight of him. Amber eyes staring back at me, a distinct trade mark for a family that dates back to a time before people had books to date things with. The eyes that have haunted me ever since I was marked, a day I found out just how much my mother was determined to live. Apparently there is a price for everything.  Eyes, only too soon will I inherit as my own, forever marking me as a member of the Lamberti’s, and for a purpose of a life I did not desire.

Which brings us to the now. The time, and place, as irrelevant as trying to understand a world where humans aren’t alone. A world where fairy tales come to pass, and the creatures you fear most, crawl out from under your bed and eat you alive. “So,” I said, finally. Breaking the growing tension, and relaxing against the back of my chair. “When do I get to leave this time?”

He wore and expressionless face, as he reached for his glass. Bringing the rim to his lips, he took a long exaggerated sip before returning it to its spot atop the table cloth. His fingers drummed along its base. “I’m afraid my dear, this time you will not be leaving.” He said. “At least, not alive anyways.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, love. That the day for me to collect what has been promised has arrived. Your mother has indeed outlived her expectations, and I grow weary of waiting.” He smiled, and withdrew his hand into his lap. His lips still slightly red from whatever liquid filled his cup. That, another matter all of its own, I couldn't bring myself to think about. “Every man needs a woman, just like every King needs his Queen.”

Suddenly my breath caught, and my throat tightened. The very reality of not wanting to die, making me to act before I even had time to think. Something I would come to regret. In that moment, I stood up, my chair pushing out behind me with a force. “I am not something to collect!” I said, and turned to walk out. "No one asked me, what I thought of this."

Just then, time stopped. Air itself veiling around me like a tomb, and within a blink of an eye, I was no longer beside the table but, pressed up against a wall somewhere along the back of the room. He had a hand around my neck, the other against my waist. I could feel his breath against my skin, though it was neither cold nor hot. He pulled back but, for a second, only briefly giving me time to see that his teeth had been protruding, when he whispered into my ear, “You are young my love, so I will forgive this act of disobedience. In the future, though, you would be wise to wait until you have been dismissed before getting up to leave.”

Then, his hand slipped from my throat, and I took in a well needed gasp for air. One, only short lived, as I felt his hand fall just to match the other. Each of them, hovering along my waist, his face still buried against my neck. I closed my eyes, enveloped in the feeling of it all, him against me. In that moment, I felt a strange sensation rise and fall with the beat of my chest. I couldn't move, I didn't dare try. When I felt his hand slide up my back, two deathly sharp points pressed against my skin, daring a life of something more than I was ready for. “Liam,” I heard myself whisper, before I knew what was happening.

I felt his body, tense, and the pressure release. When he stepped back his teeth were normal but, he looked almost as shaken as I felt. "Yes?"

"I, I don't want to die." The words stumbled out of my mouth.

It was then, Liam turned around, and returned to his place at the table. Taking another long, exaggerated sip from his glass, he said, "You're dismissed Rielle. Take what food you desire, and leave me." And that was exactly what I did.

The End

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