Chapter One- PrefaceMature

                I never knew what life after death would be like, or how I would feel about it all. In fact, up until a few weeks ago I never even knew it existed. Only now as I stare into the dark brown eyes of a man they call the slayer, can I only get a glimpse into which I will become once it’s all said and done. A monster, someone even I wouldn’t be able to recognize. Ravished by nature for a hot crimson liquid, which usually disgusts me, I will kill at the very smell of it even if it’s faint.  

                The place I’ve chosen to transition, I’ve picked as far away from my family or anyone I might know as possible. The very thought of hurting any one of them already bringing searing tears to my eyes. I cannot hurt them; I won’t let myself hurt them.

“You ready?” The dark brown eyed man asked, his fangs slowly slipping from his gum line as I close my eyes and arch my neck out to him. Normally I’m not the type of person to give up in defeat but, I know all too well that no matter what I would or could do, or no matter what I say, there was no escaping him.

“Just get it over with quick.” I let my words drift through the air and across the room at him. I hear him stumble briefly as if carrying the weight of them were heavy but, then he brushes it off and quickly strides across the room to stand in front of me. The corners of his mouth already stained a dark crimson color, the same as when I first found him, and I squint in pain trying not to think of who that could have been from.

                Before I knew it, his hands were on me; one, gripping my arm with a vice like hold, the other securing me to his side from my lower back. Each slender, ice-like finger, digging into my skin as if to further prove there would be no escaping what came next. Out of habit, I bite my lip in pain before turning away and offering my neck again. “All you had to do was ask, my love and so shall it be.” His words tickled my neck in a blood curdling way that made my stomach roll over in knots. “The neck time you awake,” He continued my breath catching as I felt the first sharp prick of a fang against my skin.  “…You. Will. Be. Mine...”

                I felt the pressure against my neck dissipate a few second later, in which I waited unknowingly in fear for what came next. But as his fingers slowly withdrew from my skin, I inhaled a deep breath and opened my eyes trying to make sense of his sudden hesitation. As I did I found the slayers body fallen in a heap to floor, his head decapitated and missing. Immediately my eyes trace the ground in front of me and follow the drips of blood to a pool of a bloody mess where I find, not just his head but, a pair of sea green shoes. Instantly the world around me grew dark as I slipped into my unconscious frame of mind. Probably not the best thing to do after nearly dying but, I was no longer in control of my own body.


The End

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