A man uses magic to aid him in the hunt and ends up with much more than he bargained for.

Malgyn's soft growl screamed through my crouching body, setting all my senses alight. I scanned the lush clearing for the slightest movement or contrast. I closed my eyes and listened for the faintest ruffling of dead vegetation, a snapping of a twig, anything to unveil the quarry that my wolf had already detected. Murmuring a few words of power I merged Malgyn's senses to my own and the glade  exploded into an entirely new world.

 My sight changed little but my sense of smell and hearing were augmented exponentially. Leaves that once danced in whispers now clamoured and crashed in tree-bound wars. The smell of rot and decay could easily have overwhelmed me had  the  wafting breeze not carried the unadultarated essence of new life. My brain struggled to catalogue the myriad of intense sensations.

I let my senses pull back a bit, taking everything in peripherially, causing  the shadow stalker's location to become immediately known to me. Imperceptible to my eyes,  the stench of a previous indulgence and its deliberate creeping exposed it as surely as if the lethal hunter had leapt in the air to swat a butterfly.  Malgyn let out low whine, muscles tensing he was eager to attack the massive ashen tiger.

I unstrapped my rune-scribed ironwood bow, nocked an arrow and smoothly pulled it taut. Rising, I let fly. My wolf launched at the beast as though trying to out race my arrow, his defiant snarl overpowered by the shadow stalker's deafening shrieks of pain. I could feel Malgyn's hatred and need to tear into the deadly cat. A bloodlust I had never known existed surged through me and without a thought I was racing to destroy this foe.

Even with grievous wounds, the tiger was a blur of devastating strength. Wolf and cat exchanged screams and blood. I charged in, unsheathing my sword and before I could complete a full stroke a giant paw raked across my chest catapulting me a dozen paces away. Awash in unbriddled fury I spoke words that had never before touched my lips. The shadow stalker let out a final ear piercing wail and collapsed. Malgyn, fur matted with blood, retreated several paces before returning to the corpse to feed.

As I stood there wondering what just happened the scent of blood tore into my heightened senses stimulating both revulsion and hunger. I tried to end the spell that had awakened my perceptions yet could not. The sound of the wolf feeding and the continued bloodlust started to overtake my reason. I felt myself being drawn to the body, hunger and thirst suddenly overtaking all other thoughts and emotions. Before I knew it I knelt beside Malgyn trying to be disgusted with the upclose view of the gorging wolf. Without realizing how it got between teeth, I was chewing raw, warm meat. Ecstasy filled me and more meat was consumed.

Blood flowed freely down my chin and I cared not. The feast was all that mattered, there was nothing. The blood lust slowly began to ebb releasing me from my gluttony and with that came the cognizance of what I had just done. Exhaustion flooded over me nad darkness quickly followed....

The End

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