Their Only Hope / ClosingMature

  Tom and Gary walked from their broken down truck up to the tall, white farm house. They knocked on the door to see if the owner had a phone they could use. As Tom reached up to knock, he heard a scream come from the barn out back. He went around to the barn to see what was wrong. Gary stayed at the house and knocked on the door. He heard a muffled cry come from the barn, it sounded like Tom. "Tom?" He called. Gary walked to the barn. There was a girl with red hair tied back in a pony tail, skinned alive, one of her eyes missing, and a pitch fork stuck in her knee, lying dead on the ground. He looked around quickly, frightened. "Tom!" A voice came from inside the barn. "I'm in here! Help!" Gary ran into the barn. A man with nails in his head was dead on the ground, there were pieces of body everywhere, and there was a post with rope around it. There was a flash of sky blue and pink and all went dark.

Gary woke up, dazed, outside. His left arm felt heavy. There was a butcher knife duct taped to his wrist. He looked around, he was in a cage made of barbed wire. Tom stood at the other end of the cage. He had gashes all over his body, and just like Gary, a butcher knife taped to his left wrist. "Tom...what's going on?" A girl walked up beside the cage. She was average height with Sky blue and pink dyed hair. She was covered in scars. "You two. Fight to the death, now. The winner will be set free. If you don't fight, I'll kill you myself." Gary looked at Tom then back to the girl. "Why are you doing this!" He sobbed. The girl smiled. "Payback for what was done to me. Your only hope...Is your own blood"

The End

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