Death By NailgunMature

  Bodies. There were three bodies in this room. More accurately, there were three skeletons in this room. One face down in a corner, wearing a little pink plaid dress. It was the skeleton of a little girl. She was wrapped in razor wire. The second skeleton was wearing faded-denim jeans and a muscle shirt. It was the body of a teenage boy. He was crucified to the wall. A large nail through each hand. The last skeleton was in pieces around the room, accompanied by shreds of yellow sun dress. It had to be the body of a middle aged woman. The door exploded open behind Katie sending her flying to the ground. "Look what you did to my family!"

Katie backed into a corner. "I didn't do anything! You killed your family! You're sick! YOU'RE SICK!!" The man pulled a hammer out of his back pocket. "I would never harm my family." He said as he advanced on her. "You did this and now you'll pay." The man lowered the hammer down on Katie's head with sickening force. All went black.

Katie shuddered awake. She couldn't see out of one eye, and blood poured down her face. She was tied to a post in some sort of barn. There were chunks of body on the ground her. "Please don't do this..." Her own voice sounded so far away. The man came towards her with a nail gun. "Now you know what happens to people who mess with Billy Ray Stillwell's family!" He placed the nail gun against Katie's elbow. A wave of adrenaline swept through Katie. She swung her leg up with as much force as she could muster straight into Billy Ray's testicles. He let out a cry of pain as he fell to his knees. The nail gun dropping to the ground, its barrel pointing straight up. "You little slut! I'm going to make you pay!" Katie kicked Billy Ray in the face, breaking his nose. He fell sideways, his head landed on the nail gun. THACK THACK THACK. Three nails were shot into the killer's head. One protruded from his eye. He let out a final gasp as he died. Katie passed out.

The End

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