Into the HouseMature

  Hellen felt the barbed wire being removed from around her head. Then the sack was slowly lifted. She has tied up, and she noticed, a rope led from her bindings, into a dark barn. She looked around, the man was standing behind her with a Weed Whacker in his hands. "Please, why are you doing this!" The man threw the Weed Whacker to the ground and gritted his teeth. "I guess I'll play along with your games! I'll explain what you done to me and my family! You killed my baby girl! You killed my little boy! You killed my wife! What did they ever do to you? Well I'll show you what happens to murderers in my town!" The man grabbed the Weed Whacker up off the ground in blind fury. His eyes glazed over and he pulled the cord so hard it tore off. The Weed Whacker spun to life. Hellen began to scream. She screamed so hard she began to spit out blood. She started to shake uncontrollably as the sound of the Weed Whacker got louder behind her. "I never killed anyone!" The last words she spat out as the Weed Whacker sliced into the back of her neck. Chunks of flesh with clumps of hair went flying. Blood sprayed sporadically all over the man and the ground. The Weed Whacker sputtered to a stop. Hellen shuddered and collapsed to the ground. She vomited a large quantity of blood then died, face down in a puddle of her own blood. Over half of the back of her neck was gone. The man disappeared into the barn. There was a loud click, and then a gigantic roaring noise erupted from the barn. Hellen's lifeless body was slowly dragged by the rope towards the barn. She disappeared into the barn. There was a loud bone on metal grinding noise as large chunks of body were thrown from the barn. The man clicked the button, and the crop harvesting machine's blades slowly stopped spinning. Blood dripped off and made soft plopping noises.

Katie struggled to free herself from the chains that bound her to the floor, but to no avail. Paula raised her head. Her face was badly slashed open. It looked as if it was right down to the bone. Puss and dried blood covered her face. She looked around the room. There was a rusty butter knife in the dirt beside her. She looked from the knife to Katie. "I'll cut my arms off with that butter knife, then I'll free you." Katie's jaw dropped. "You can't be serious! You'll never be able to cut through your arms with a butter knife!" Paula nudged over and tried to pick up the knife with her shackled hands. The man walked into the shed. "What on Earth are you trying to do you bitch!" His eyes were still glazed over.

The man ran over to Paula and kicked her in the face with his heavy, steel-toed boots. There was a loud crack and Paula crumpled to the ground, twitching. Katie started to struggle while the man had his back turned to her. He reached down and picked up the butter knife. "Time to make piggy squeal..." He grabbed Paula's foot, removed her shoe, and jammed the utter knife under the nail of her big toe. She screamed back into consciousness as one by one, the man jammed the butter knife underneath her toenails and jerked it up swiftly, sending them flying to the ground. He finished taking the last toenail off then with a mighty swing of his arm, jammed the knife into her thigh. He removed the knife once more and held it down by his hip. He had Paula by the throat now. He looked her up and down then gritted his teeth so hard Katie thought he would break his jaw. The man threw Paula up against the wall. It was too weak and rotted to support the force and she went right through, and fell in a heap to the ground outside. By this time, Katie had managed to get a hand free, she was now on her feet and yanking at the chain. The combined elements of the rusted chain and rotting floor boards almost guaranteed her escape. With one final forceful tug, the chain ripped free of the floor. She slowly crept over to the door and looked outside. The man had Paula pinned to the ground, her arms held down above her head. Her pants spread out in pieces around them. He was raping her. Katie couldn't tell if she was dead or alive. She was laying there, motionless, as he entered her over and over again. The man turned his head towards the door. He had spotted her. "How the hell did you get loose!"

Katie burst from the shed and started running towards a large, two story house. She could call the police from in there. As she ran, the chain that hung from her wrist dangled and made clicking noises. She could hear the man's heavy boots gaining speed behind her. She quickly changed course and ran behind the house. There was an entrance to the basement. She quickly threw open the doors and ran down inside. It was dark and damp, and there was nothing but a few power tools. She felt around until she found a light switch. In a far corner was a rotting flight of stairs that led up into the main house. "Get out of my house you bitch!" Came the man's voice from outside the basement entrance. Katie quickly ran up the stairs and into the house. She was in a kitchen area. A plain, everyday kitchen. It was remarkably clean and tidy. There was a loud thumping noise coming from the stairs behind her. The man was coming up the stairs. She quickly looked around and saw another stairway that led up. She ran up them and came to a closed door. She threw open the door and quickly closed it behind her. She turned and screamed.

The End

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