The Open DoorMature

  The deafening silence of the mold and blood covered room was shattered when the door burst open. In the doorway stood a man with long, grayish hair. He had a rebel flag tattoo on his right forearm. He looked at the three girls. Hellen winced as he spit on her. The man spoke with a raspy, southern voice. "Which one of you girls was with a young man?" The girls were too afraid to speak, they just sat there staring at the man. The man went outside the door and quickly returned with a length of razor wire. "Don't make me ask y'all again! Which one of you was with a young man!" Paula started to cry. "Why are you doing this?" The man looked at her and gritted his teeth. He slowly walked over to her. " I'll ask the questions around here little missy!" He took the razor wire in one hand and whipped Paula across the face with it. She cried out in pain as blood sprayed from her face all over Hellen. She hung her head as blood poured from her deep wound. "I will only ask this one more time! Which one of you was with a young man?" Katie looked at the floor and said, barely audible, "Me." The man spit on Paula then reached deep into the pockets of his dust and blood coated overalls. "You can have these then." The man threw a hand full of fingers at Katie and walked out the door.

"Paula! Answer me! Are you okay?" Hellen kept yelling at Paula, but Paula just sat there, with her head down. The bleeding had stopped, but she hadn't lifted her head at all. Hellen sighed and looked down at her feet. Paula suddenly spoke up. "Were all going to die..." She began to sob. Hellen began to cry. Katie looked at the two girls. She couldn't cry.

The man hogtied Smith's legs together. He grabbed an end of the rope and dragged the mutilated carcass through the dirt towards a large, red, metallic object. The man pushed a button and the machine shook to life. The man picked Smith's body up, and heaved it into the wood chipper. "Let no sins go unpunished." The man breathed as Smith sprayed out of the wood chipper, and all over the dusty ground. The blood mingled with dirt and shreds of rope. Bright sunshine made it sparkle, adding a sick beauty to it. The man started walking towards the shed containing the three girls, a potato sack and barbed wire in hand.

The door burst open. "Who wants out of here?" Hellen looked up. "I do! Please! Please!" Before she could say anything, the man was upon her. He shaved the potato sack down over her head, and wrapped barbed wire around it. It punctured the sack with ease. Katie and Paula watched in silent horror as the man dragged Hellen out of the shed. Her muffled cries filled with pain and terror. But this time the man had made a mistake. He had left the door open.

The End

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