The Smell of MoldMature

  She awoke to the smell of mold. Katie looked around and saw two other women. They were chained to the floor by their arms. "Who are you? Where are we!" She cried. The girl with the short, red, curly hair looked up. She had heavy bruises around her neck. "My name is Paula, that's Hellen" She pointed at the sleeping girl with jet-black hair, and dried blood on her shirt. "We don't know where we are either, we woke up just like you a couple of hours ago." Katie looked around. She appeared to be in a shed of some sort. The walls were moldy and there was dried blood on the floor. The room had no windows, only cracks, allowing little light to shine through. A blood curdling scream broke the silence. It sounded like Smith.

Smith puked all over himself. The vomit flowing down over his torso and mingling with the blood. He looked over at where his arm had been less than a minute ago. It was now a bloody open stump. "P...p...please...let me go..." The man walked up behind him. There was a click followed by a high pitched whining noise. Smith screamed as the drill tore through his shoulder; sending blood, flesh, and bone matter flying in all directions.

Katie watched a millipede crawl slowly across Paula's leg. "We need to get out of here..." Hellen looked up, her blue eyes dull and slightly glazed. "Don't you think we tried?" Katie looked at the ground. "I was only saying..."

Smith tried to crawl towards the open door. It seemed impossible with only one arm, but he tried. He scraped at the hard, wooden floor. His fingernails were starting to slowly peel back and reveal the soft, raw, pink flesh underneath. A trail of blood followed behind him. Dark and thick. He reached the door. He was free. he was free! He screamed and passed out as the blade of an old, blunt axe came down on his hand.

The End

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