Blood Wire (2008)Mature

Written in 2008.

"Your only your own blood"

  Fresh blood continued to slowly trickle down over the old, coagulated crust of old blood, and onto her yellow sun dress. The rusty wire was still stuck into her soft, pale neck.

"Get your hands off of me!" The boy quickly backed away. "Wash your hands you fucking animal." She teased. The tall boy with dirty blonde hair walked off towards the shore to wash off his hands. "Make sure they're spotless or you're not coming near me!" called the average heighted girl. Her sky blue and pink dyed hair gleamed in the bright afternoon sun. It shone brightly against the pale blue summer sky. Waves cascaded over and over again against the soft sand of the beach. "Clean enough for you, Katie?" The boy said as he returned from the shore. Katie McKnight leaned in and observed the boys hands. "Ew! Smith! What the fuck is that!" Smith Haarding raised his hand and saw a small sea slug sliding across his palm. "Ew! Fuck! Get it off!" Smith swung his hand back and forth until the slug fell to the ground with a soft 'Plunk'. Katie giggled. "You big pussy." Smith crossed his arms and walked up towards the parking lot. "Where do you think you're going?" "Car." Replied Smith. Katie stood up, brushed the sand off of her, and started towards the parking lot.

Her first reaction was run. Run and get the fuck out of here. But she was drawn towards it. Like a moth to an open flame. There was a small pool of blood beside the open door to the bright-red Ford Mustang's open door. There were scuff marks along the ground and droplets of blood followed them. Until the trail suddenly stopped, and tire tracks led off down the road. "Smith?" Katie managed to croak. "Smith, this isn't funny!" "There's nothing funny about what you've done!" Yelled a raspy, southern voice. Then everything was black

The End

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