Take Flight

Steven watched her creep in the bridge shadows after throwing her jacket into the river. He’d watched from the beginning of her escape.  He’d been watching her since he had begun working at the golden mansion she called home.

A well-built man, in his early twenties, Steven’s dark hair and blue eyes made were a pleasing combination. Although he was handsome, he didn’t have much confidence, and stayed in the shadows, personally and professionally.  Although he had worked for her household security for three years, he had never spoken to Lucy, she probably didn’t even know he existed, why would she?

He could guess what she was up to, having being from the wrong side of the tracks. Down-an-outs kill themselves, and well-to-do’s fake it to avoid their problems. But what could be her reason.

As he approached the golf course, rounding a bend, he lost her. He slid behind a boulder on the roadside, taking cover.

“Who are you and what do you want?” a thin whining voice came from the darkness about 3 feet away.

“My name is Steven miss, and I work for your father, I m-m-mean you no harm.” He tried his best not to stutter.


“I mean you no harm, miss Lucy.” Stephen whispered.

Steven didn’t even take a breath in the 30 seconds that past before she said, “My name is not Lucy, it is Alice, Alice  Winterbloom.”

He could tell by her quiet commanding tone she was serious. So he simply decided to play along, he would do anything for her, even disappear.




The End

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